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Preeya Rateja

Preeya Rateja

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Preeya Rateja

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Program Coordinator - Justice on Target
Ministry of the Attorney General - Government of Ontario

Tell prospective students a bit about the work you do.

I work for Justice on Target (JOT), which is Ontario's strategy to address criminal court delay by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Ontario’s criminal justice system.

My present role is as Program Coordinator, Youth Justice Committees (YJC). The Youth Justice Committee Program is an alternative to formal court proceedings. A youth and their parent(s) or guardian will meet with a committee of community volunteers and the victim. The committee will negotiate meaningful ways or “sanctions” for the youth to repair the harm caused. I am charged with managing this program in Ontario.

Tell prospective students a bit about how your studies at York helped you to get where you are today.

The MPPAL program helped me in achieving my current position at JOT. I also received a Graduate Diploma in Justice Administration, which has been instrumental in my work today. This program gave me a strong background in understanding policy, its intersect with public management as well as a solid foundation in research methodology and statistics. In particular, program management is an area of the MPPAL program which directly links with the work I do today.

My work requires evidence-based decision making, which is rooted in statistical analysis. This analysis provides the basis for decisions related to aspects such as funding, program development and management. I believe that I use my MPPAL degree to its maximum with the work I currently do, whether that be writing briefing notes, developing logic models, statistical analysis or fiscal planning. The Graduate Diploma has provided me with an area of expertise, one which spans beyond criminal courts. I have become a better employee, citizen and critical thinker since the program!