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Safia Hirsi

Safia Hirsi

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Safia Hirsi

YorkU alumna Safia Hirsi


Business Planner
Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Tell prospective students a bit about the work you do.

Currently I work in the Confronting Anti-Black Racism Strategy unit in Toronto Community Housing. Our unit's work centers on developing a long-term strategy for the organization to confront anti-Black racism both as an employer and as a social housing provider to over 100,000 Torontonians. Our unit is a newly created one for the organization and because of that, my work is highly dynamic. Our strategic development work focuses day to day on stakeholder and community engagement, change management and the development of recommendations and an overall strategy package to submit to the Board of Directors, ultimately to redefine what an organization that delivers on providing healthy social housing to communities looks like.

Tell prospective students a bit about how your studies at York helped you to get where you are today.

I studied at the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) for both my undergraduate Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) degree and my Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) degree, so I would say that my studies at York University were the foundation for me getting to where I am today. What really stands about about the BPA program is that it really is geared towards making you prepared to be a policy professional. The more you engage with the opportunities the school offers, the more you benefit.

I personally benefited a lot from the various experiential education opportunities, which gave me years of professional experience before even graduating with my degrees. I rely a lot on the professional writing skills I developed, my knowledge of policy evaluation and development, and my passion for social policy issues that I developed through the course of my time at York.