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Stacey Berry

Stacey Berry

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Stacey Berry

YorkU alum Stacey Berry


Strategic Advisor and Campaign Coordinator
Help Fight Ebola Canada (Awareness Campaign)

Tell prospective students a bit about the work you do.

I am the co-founder of the Help Fight Ebola Canada (Awareness Campaign). I volunteer as the Strategic Advisor and Campaign Coordinator to raise awareness about the Ebola Virus through radio and TV interviews. My duties involve community outreach, recruiting and mentoring volunteers; soliciting and scheduling speakers from the medical and science community as well as journalists. To foster community engagement, I organize educational forums on Ebola, deliver presentations at churches, community centres and academic institutions. I also conduct media and government relations, solicit funds for our charity of choice, Globalmedic, as well as manage and build our contact list.

Tell prospective students a bit about how your studies at York helped you to get where you are today.

York has help me to understand the important role of governance and public policy, especially in addressing human rights, social injustices and global health matters. York has provided me with great foundation for effective advocacy and community engagement. York has also equipped me with valuable and useful skills that I can apply to real world problems. I feel very confident that I will excel my future career.