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Hannah Rocca

Hannah Rocca

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Hannah Rocca

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Now in her third year of Devised Theatre, Playwriting, and English Literature at York University, Hannah Rocca was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick. In the community theatre lessons and workshops, she took for all of her formative years, there was always the occasional improv game or exercise, but Hannah only began improvising regularly when she joined her high school’s improv team. She competed on it for all four years of high school and traveled to Ottawa in April 2019 (her 12th grade year) to compete in nationals. Hannah has been with the VIC since October 2019, when she was a first-year here at York.  

Hannah’s endeavors include writing and directing; she is a creator and co-director for the one-act play “Past Tense',” which will be featured in this year’s playGround festival. She’s also a big fan of birds.  

Featured Shows

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