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March 2022 | Fred Thury Studio Theatre

VCP is pleased to conclude its 50th Anniversary Season with its fifth production of Festival!, written by VCP’s founding artistic director Fredrick H. Thury. Whether you have seen one (or all) of the four previous renditions of Festival!, you will not want to miss this year’s new imagining of the VCP classic.

We invite you to the most memorable, if not the best play festival you'll ever see. The ISOAPF committee chose the 30-minute suspense thriller "Cottage of Fear" by Frida Thoroughly for the three finalist theatre companies to put on, each in their own way, for your viewing pleasure.


  • Written by Fredrick H. Thury 
  • Directed by Nug Nahrgang, Stefan Porfirio and Gloria Mampuya
  • Stage Managed by Mackenzie Cameron, Odile Kemgang and Shazdé Mir

Festival holds a special place in the hearts of VCP alumni for many generations. Originally produced in 1995 and produced 4 times, Fred’s masterpiece of the play-within-the-play is hilarious and offers so many roles for students. I am excited to work with the team in building the set for the show, with all of its many doors!

— Alanna McConnell, VCP Assistant Producer & Cast Member of Festival 2012

stage photo of festival show from previous year

Meet the cast & crew

Danielle Alexander

Set/Visual Designer - A Mystery Murdered

Krystyna Augustyn

Conductor - Emerald Heist

Alexandrine Butterworth

Costumes (Act 1)

Mackenzie Cameron

Stage Manager - The Emerald Heist

Matthew Cava-Ferraro

John - A Mystery Murdered

Leanne Connor

Lucy - The Emerald Heist

Michelle Dannecker

Props and Costume Designer - A Mystery Murdered

Yuqi Ding

Dexter - The Mummy Unravels

Trinity Dubé

Betty - A Mystery Murdered

Hussein Esmail

Lighting (Act 2)

Nicole Georgi

Props and Costume Manager - The Mummy Unravels

Priscila Gonzalez

Lighting (Act 3)

Diena Howe

Thief - The Emerald Heist

Odile Kemgang

Stage Manager - The Mummy Unravels

Avijeh Khababznia

Props and Costumes Designer - The Emerald Heist/ Ann - The Mummy Unravels

Gloria Mampuya

Director - The Mummy Unravels

Hannah McInnis

Jennifer - A Mystery Murdered

Shazde Mir

Stage Manager - A Mystery Murdered

Sameem Mir

Marshal - The Emerald Heist

Xiannah Moore

Lighting (Act 1)

Freddie Mutch

Costumes (Act 3)

Nug Nahrgang

Director - A Mystery Murdered

Le Nguyen

Snafu - The Mummy Unravels

Ugochukwu Oguamanam

Preston - A Mystery Murdered

Lev Pavlenko

Dan - The Mummy Unravels

Stefan Porfirio

Director - The Emerald Heist

David Pugh

Jeweler/Curator - The Emerald Heist

Kirtthana Ravi

Set/Visual Design - The Mummy Unravels

Alex Rodey

Steve - A Mystery Murdered

Dorothy Sabarillo

Sound Designer - The Emerald Heist

Jaskirat Sandhu

Nosretep - The Mummy Unravels

Caroline Socha

Set and Visual Designer - The Emerald Heist

Jonathan Soligo

Crew - Board Operator

Natalie Stefanson

Lydia - A Mystery Murdered

Rachel Sterling (Joy)

Sound Designer - The Mummy Unravels

Ibrahim Umer

James - The Emerald Heist

Antonia-Ashema Welo

Sharon - The Mummy Unravels