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Academic Advising

We are dedicated to your academic success! Advising Services are here to provide you with the information, guidance and support to help you achieve your academic goals.

Do you have questions about your degree requirements, a specific course, student services on campus or the best way to get into a degree program? If you have any concerns about accessing the courses and services you need, we are here to help. Our advising appointments allow you to chat with an advisor who can lead you in the right direction, answer these questions and more.

Are you a new student? New students have received an offer of admission but have not begun their first term of classes. Please visit our new students webpage to find the information you need for enrolment and next steps.

Benefits of an Advising Appointment

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Guidance when selecting the degree option that is right for you.

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Help with course selection so you meet all your program requirements.

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Advisors are aware of all the latest program regulations - which change often!

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Help minimizing red tape; we promise not to pass you off to another office.

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Chance for you to share feedback on courses and program structure.

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Personal support and resources for accommodation for those who need it.

Dedicated Advising in Professional Writing

Advising for Professional Writing (PRWR) and English & Professional Writing (ENPR) students is offered through the Writing Department. We offer individual advising related to our Honours BA, Specialized Honours BA, Ordinary BA, Minor and Double Major options.

Depending on the nature of your questions or concerns, Barb Smyth, the Undergraduate Program Advisor or the Undergraduate Program Director will be able to meet with you.

We recommend making an advising appointment or speaking with your program coordinator at least once a year. In some programs this is mandatory. Typically you should book one between between March and May.

Please remember that advising is a shared relationship between you and the advisor. Advisors can explain policies and regulations or offer academic options. However, you must accept final responsibility for the decisions you make regarding your academic program and standing. In the end, the best way for you to succeed and keep your academic options open is to study hard and achieve good grades.

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GPA Calculator

Calculate your grade point average (GPA) with our handy web-based tool.

Request for Grade Reappraisal

If you wish to have a grade reappraised, submit this form to be considered.

Course Permission Request Form

If you are restricted from enrolling in one of the Writing Department courses at the undergraduate level, please complete the form to help us investigate.

Central Advising in LA&PS

The Faculty of LA&PS Advising Team is available to help students who wish to change their degree or are unofficially following a degree path that is not offered within this department.