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Organization:_Black/Jewish Dialogue, League For Human Rights Bnai Brith Canada


Name of Project:_BJD Youth Outreach: From Generation To Generation


Our IAR File #: IAR 02-334


Contact Person & Telephone/E-Mail:


Dr. Lorne Foster  --- 416-633-6224 ext. 114/


This Report covers the period of: October 2002 to April 2003.



1) Pease provide a 500 word summary of your project.


With the recent rise in incidents of racism and antisemitism the Black and Jewish communities are called once again to unite in common cause to eliminated such evils. However, in the face of strained relations among youth today, and the “great divide” that exists between Blacks and Jews in the younger generation, there is a need to reacquaint Black and Jewish youth with their historical community alliance, and to create the conditions for closer relationships between younger people of various racial and ethnocultural backgrounds, so they will comfortably live and work together, and come together.


The broad-based theme of the forum is to pass on the historical mission of anti-discrimation work through public education and youth leadership development. It is our purpose to initiate a reaching out to each other of these two communities for their mutual benefit, and for the good of society as a whole.


To this end, the Youth Panel will address the issue of Black/Jewish relations and the viability of multicultural partnerships from the perspective of younger generations. They will address four thematic questions -- (1) Do Blacks and Jews from generation X have major issues they are interested in?, (2) If they have issues, are they issues they have in common?, (3) Are the issues identified, issues they can work on together, and help each other with? and (4) If not, why not? They will also offer their views on various points of common interest, and areas for mutual initiative in creating closer relationships between young people of various racial and ethno-cultural backgrounds, so that they can and will comfortably live and work together in the future.


The proposed and specific themes of the multi-media segment of the forum are on stereotyping, conflict resolution and problem-solving within the context of anti-racism/anti-hate education. The workshop presentation will employ, among other things, interactive storytelling, photographic display and discussion, as well as the sharing of music and poetry at an “open microphone” session.





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