Marko Horbatsch: webpage 

For PHYS1010 go to Physics (Y2011);

For PHYS5000 go to: Quantum Mechanics (F2009)

For PHYS6010 go to Quantum Mechanics II: Scattering Theory (F2008);

For PHYS2030 go to Computational Methods for Physicists and Engineers;

For PHYS5010 go to Advanced Classical Mechanics;

For PHYS4011 or PHYS5050 go to Atomic and Molecular Physics (W2005).

For research go to: Atomic Collisions;

For Computational Physics using Maple go here


For high-school demo/lecture on the photoelectric effect go to: Planck's constant;

Quantum Mechanics using Maple (Springer-Verlag, 1995) Worksheets for maple6, maple7, maple8: zipped Folder MacOS Version: stuffed folder

High-school lecture notes on quantum teleportation: QT1  QT2  QT3  QT4  QT5  QT6  QT7  QT8

For Electrodynamics with Mathematica go to Visualization in Electrodynamics

For PHYS4020 (2017) go to Electrodynamics (W2017)