Mathematica notebook print-outs to assist with Electrodynamics instruction at the level of D.J. Griffiths' text, 4th edition (Prentice Hall), and going somewhat above that level.

This is work in progress (March 2015), and the text in the notebooks was not formatted. Eventually, when the collection becomes more complete they will be made more presentable.

1.1 Poisson Problem in 2d: cylindrical coordinates PDF and nb. Solution in cylindrical coordinates with DSolve (ODE), and in Cartesians with NDSolve (PDE).

2.1 Magnetic Vector Potential for a spinning spherical shell PDF and nb. This goes beyond and includes Example 5.11 in the book.

3.1 Ohm's law: current flow in a cylinder PDF and nb. Laplace eqn solution by Separation of Variables for a current fed via a small patch at the top.

3.2 Ohm's law: numerical solution PDF and nb . A deep salt water tank with electrodes.

4.1 Wave Propagation: lossy dielectric PDF and nb . Fig. 9.18 in the book is bad: phase difference between E and B is max. 45 degrees (k>=kappa) and isn't changing with distance.

4.2 Rectangular Wave Guide PDF and nb . Visualize the magnetic and electic fields for a TE_10 mode, and also the surface currents on the boundary.