PHYS4020 (2017) (work in progress!)

Part 1: Ohm's law generalized; current density fields from Laplace's eqn.

Part 2: Faraday's law; producing curly electric fields; inductance; magnetic field energy.Faraday

Part 3: Displacement current; From Ampere's law to the Ampere-Maxwell law (with Examples). Displacement Current

Part 4: The full Maxwell eqs. The boundary conditions: why they didn't change!

Part 5: Conservation laws: energy; power flow; momentum associated with magnetic field; angular momentum associated with fields.

Part 6: EM waves, polarization, from vacuum to lossy dielectrics; material interfaces, transmission and reflection. Connection with optics: Fresnel eqs.

Part 7: Waveguide. Co-axal cable. Optical fibre. (a selection, cannot do them all).

Part 8: Potentials: Deriving wave equations for scalar and vector potentials. Curly E comes from the time derivative of the vector potential.

Part 9: Retarded potentials (solutions of the wave equation) Radiating Filament

Part 10: Radiation: electric dipole. Larmor formula. Magnetic dipole. Accelerated charged particle.