DATT 1939
Making Interactive New Media Art 2018

  The final course grade** will be based on the following:

Evaluation: Due: Weight:
A1 - Unseen Fall Reading Week 30%
A2 - Scripting Play
    - A2 Proposal
    - A2 Website
    - A2 Final Write-up

Week 9
Week 12
Week 12

- 3%
- 30%
- 7%
Four Quizzes: 4%, 8%, 4%, 4% Weeks 4, 7, 8, 10 20%
Two Learning Critiques -Participation: 5%, 5% Weeks 5, 12 10%

** Final course grades may be adjusted to conform to Program or Faculty grades distribution profiles.

Assignments 1 and 2: Interactive New Media Art
- Through learning how to use new media applications and investigating concepts and forms of interactive new media art, you will create two web-based works. A1 is an individual project, and A2 is (mostly) a group project.
Four Quizzes:
- Quiz 1, 2, and 3: marks are earned by doing assigned theoretical readings and answering questions correctly about key concepts, points, and major arguments – generally reflecting a level of preparation and understanding that enables productive discussion of readings during lab, and application of concepts to the new media art assignments.
- Quiz 4: Demonstrate understanding of the course's basic JavaScript code and concepts.

Quizzes are generally taken through Moodle (http://moodle.yorku.ca), but may be done on paper if needed. Ensure that you can log in to Moodle and that you have access to DATT1939 on Moodle.
The quizzes are intended to be taken in lab, at the beginning of lab, during the designated week. You may not take the quizzes from home or unsupervised outside of lab.

Two Learning Critiques -Participation:

- This participation grade comes from a) attending learning critiques, b) briefly showing and explaining your in-progress or completed work, c) paying attention, and d) from making an effort to give thoughtful and constructive feedback regarding others' work. Students get a chance to see and appreciate the work of their peers, thereby gaining conceptual, creative and technical insights.

We take automatic mark deductions on Learning Critique days for behaviours that clearly impede people's ability to engage with the student work shown during class. These behaviours include: having ongoing private conversations, texting, using private digital devices, using lab computers to finish own work, arriving late or leaving early (without a good reason discussed with instructors beforehand), etc.

Instead, we ask that you engage with the work of your fellow students, keeping in mind how you would prefer to be treated by your classmates during your own turn.

Grading, Assignment Submission, Lateness Penalties and Missed Tests:

The grading scheme for the course conforms to the 9-point grading system used in undergraduate programs at York (e.g., A+ = 9, A = 8, B+ - 7, C+ = 5, etc.).

Assignments and quizzes in this course will bear either a letter grade designation or a corresponding number grade (e.g. A+ = 90-100, A = 80-89, B+ = 75-79, etc.)

For a full description of York grading system see the York University Undergraduate Calendar at http://calendars.students.yorku.ca/2018-2019/academic-and-financial-information/academic-services/grades-and-grading-schemes.

Please note the explanations of each grade on the Grades and Grading Schemes page, starting below the table! The explanations will give you a better sense of strengths/weaknesses generally associated with each grade.
Assignment Submission:
Proper academic performance depends on students doing their work not only well, but on time. Accordingly, assignments for this course must be received on the due date specified for the assignment.

Assignment websites are to be handed in in a student's own account on the dm.ampd.yorku.ca server, in a location specified by the assignment.

All assignment websites will be graded on a Mac with similar configuration to the ones in the Lab.

Written assignments should be submitted to the appropriate location in Moodle.

Lateness Penalties:

  • Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 websites - If received later than the due date, the A1 and A2 websites are penalized at 2% per day (including weekend days and holidays).

  • A2 Proposal (3% - due w9) - if late, receives 0.

  • A2 Final Write-up (7% - due w12) - if late, receives 0.

  • Quizzes - Missed quizzes receive a mark of 0.

  • Learning Critiques - Missed Learning Critiques receive a mark of 0. Late arrival, leaving early, and various kids of inattentive behaviours will also reduce Learning Critique participation marks.

Exceptions to the lateness penalties for valid reasons such as illness, compassionate grounds, disability/accessibility issues, religious observances, parental duties during child illness or crisis, etc., will be considered by the Course Instructor but will require supporting documentation (e.g., a doctor's letter or other acceptable official documentation).

Academic Accommodation:

If you require accommodation due to a documented disability, you must submit a letter from Counseling & Disability Services to the Course Director at the beginning of the course.

Students must submit requests for accommodation for each quiz date to the Alternate Test/Exam Scheduling Service: http://www.yorku.ca/altexams/ in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Day to Submit Fall Term Work: Dec. 4th.

Last date to drop Fall courses without receiving a grade: Fri. November 9, 2018.
As per Senate policy, you should receive at least 15% of the final grade back for Fall courses before this drop date.

Updated Oct. 3, 2018.

FA/DATT 1939 3.0 Making Interactive New Media Art Fall 2018
is a course offered through:
The Department of Computational Arts
The School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD)
York University (Toronto ON, Canada)