DATT 1939
Making Interactive New Media Art 2018
Lab/Server Info

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices during Lecture and Labs:

Turn off your phones/devices, or set them to quiet mode during lecture and lab time. If you receive a desperately important call, quietly get up and leave the room before answering. You are responsible for any material missed.

It should go without saying that it is rude to email, text or answer/make calls while an instructor is talking, particularly if they are having a one-on-one conversation with you.
This applies whether it is during class or during office hours or appointments. The instructors' time is very valuable and is usually under great demand, so don't waste the time we have to spend with you on calls, messaging, or email!

Repeated infractions will result in the individual in question losing the immediate, individual time slot (or moment for help) from the instructor. If the reoccurring issue is during lab, other students will be helped first, with the individual in question being helped last (assuming time permits any help at that point).

Lab Info:

Our computer lab is the Art and Technology Learning Lab (ATLL), in ACW 102.

The Lab's Server's Website: http://dm.ampd.yorku.ca, often referred to as the DM server (the Digital Media server).

Uploading to the DM Server: If you are trying to connect to the DM server to upload your work, you need to connect to smb://dm.ampd.yorku.ca, using these notes:
How to Connect to the DM server from home - for both Mac and PC
Though the notes say the server ID is dm.finearts.yorku.ca, you should probably use dm.ampd.yorku.ca instead!

Connect to the DM server from home - For Apple users

The Lab's Technician: Frank Tsonis.

      Email: tsonfr -at- yorku.ca

Specific Course Requirements:

Students are expected to use both the main course website, and the DATT 1939 course Moodle site, at moodle.yorku.ca.

Students must have a yorkID (the part of your York email address before the @ sign) and must have activated their York email address to log in to Moodle.

  • If you log in to Moodle, and the list of courses you are enrolled in does NOT show up, you need to email York Moodle support, describe the problem, give your yorkID and email, and request that the problem be fixed.

A yorkID and an activated York email address is also required to log in to the lab computers during lab, or to log in to one's account on the DM server (see DM Server Info below for more information...).

Lab cards:

Access the Art and Technology Learning Lab (the ATLL, which is in ACW 102) computers and resources outside of your lab time by buying a lab card. With a lab card, you can come into the lab and use a computer whenever there are computers free and the lab is open.

Within several weeks of class starting, student monitors will be hired to keep the ATLL open past business hours and on weekends. At that time, the expanded ATLL hours will be posted on http://dm.ampd.yorku.ca

How to purchase a Lab card:

If you plan to use the ATLL outside of your class time, you must purchase an ATLL Card. Lab Cards are $25 for the year, or $15 for one term.

The ATLL Card can be purchased at the front desk of the Computational Arts/Visual Arts and Art History office, 235 Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts.
The office is generally open Monday to Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm.

Purchase Lab cards using your YU card! Cash not accepted.
You may need to bring and show proof that you are registered in DATT 1939 or another course that is held in ACW 102.

Once you have paid, take your receipt to Frank Tsonis (the lab technician) in ACW 102 and he will issue you an ATLL Card.

DM Server Info:

The DM server holds your student work for this course, and provides you with web space for handing in course projects.

A yorkID and an activated York email address is required to log in to one's account on the DM server.

If you are trying to connect to the DM server to upload your work, you need to connect to smb://dm.ampd.yorku.ca, using the notes linked to further -- see Uploading to the DM Server.

Some information about the server available here : http://dm.ampd.yorku.ca

Updated Sept. 5, 2018.

FA/DATT 1939 3.0 Making Interactive New Media Art Fall 2018
is a course offered through:
The Department of Computational Arts
The School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD)
York University (Toronto ON, Canada)