Ontario Students

The Ontario India Student Exchange program (OIN) is open to all students of participating Ontario universities. Students must have completed a minimum of two years of a recognized degree at their home university in order to qualify for the exchange program. The OIN program offers the following options to Ontario students:

(i) a one or two semester regular exchange, which takes place over the Fall and Winter terms, at a partner institution in India;

(ii) a Short-Term Study Program of between two and three months duration at a partner institution; and

(iii) a one month Study India Program held in August of every year. 

OIN Overview Flyer (2021-22)

Why India?

There are a number of reasons students choose to go to India on exchange through OIN. Some of the commonly cited reasons are: an interest in South Asia, its culture, history, and society; desire to live and experience a culture distinctly different from one’s own, including academic culture; interest in the global South and issues of social justice; interest in meeting and interacting with the youth of another country; interest also in meeting and spending time with students from other Ontario universities while on exchange in India; and, finally, a keen interest in becoming more global in outlook, gaining international experience, and developing cross-cultural skills. 

Partner universities in India are spread out across several regions of India -Maharashtra, the National Capital Region (Delhi and surrounding areas), Pondicherry, and Goa. They include Institutes of Technology (BITS in Goa; IIT in Mumbai; VU in Pune) and Science (IISER in Pune); a university uniquely situated to provide students with a background in French colonial history and culture in India (Pondicherry University); and a number of universities known for their undergraduate programs in the Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences, as well as Law and Legal Studies, Development, and Public Policy (Symbiosis in Pune, two colleges of Delhi University, and Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida).

The regions in which our partner universities are based offer a rich diversity of experiences. Goa and Pondicherry are coastal regions. They are architecturally, socially, linguistically, and culturally distinct, maintaining links with Portuguese and French colonial pasts that make them somewhat unique. Mumbai and the National Capital Region are vibrant cosmopolitan areas teeming with cultural and social activities while Pune is a university town, steeped in history and with a vibrant youth culture.

Benefits of Participation

Participation in the OIN program offers the following benefits:

  • admission to one of India’s established universities and institutes of technology (the latter are well known for their arts and social science programs as well)
  • continued eligibility for OSAP, OGS, and SSHRC scholarship support
How it Works

Exchange students pay tuition at their home university and are exempt from paying tuition at the host university. However, host universities may have other fees (such as student fees) which exchange students are required to pay. Participating students will be responsible for their expenses abroad, including travel, room and board, health and accident insurance, miscellaneous incidental expenses that may be required by the host university, and other living expenses. Participating students are responsible for all aspects — academic, legal, medical, etc. — of their participation in the program. Students are responsible for arranging any transfer of credits to their home university.


To apply, contact the International Office at your home institution.