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York University Parking and Traffic Regulations

Section One:
General Information

1.1The York University Parking and Traffic Regulations are authorized by the Board of Governors and the President of the University within the powers granted by the York University Act 1965 of the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Fire Marshal's Act 1981, the Trespass to Property Act and City of Toronto By-Laws. York University Parking & Transportation Services (Department of Ancillary Services) is delegated the responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of these Regulations.
1.2The purpose of these Regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking services in support of this function within the limits of available designated parking spaces. All persons using University parking facilities are subject to the parameters set out in the applicable University Policies and Procedures, the Student Code of Conduct and the regulations detailed hereunder.
1.3York University follows Provincial laws, Municipal by-laws and the Toronto Municipal Code related to parking and traffic, as well as these Regulations (“Applicable Laws”). Parking & Traffic Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. York’s Parking & Transportation Services Representatives are trained and authorized to issue notices and Municipal Parking Violations under the relevant laws, by-laws and regulations.
1.4The lands and grounds of York University are PRIVATE PROPERTY, and the University reserves the right to control motor vehicle access to and driving on its property at its sole discretion, subject to applicable laws. The University permits parking and driving on its property only upon the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations. York University reserves the right to issue a reduced penalty for any infraction listed in these Regulations, at its sole discretion.
1.5York University assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss to any vehicle or its contents, no matter how caused, while it is on University property or if it has been towed away.

Section Two:
Driving Requirements

2.1The speed limit on private roads on York University campuses is 40 kilometers per hour, unless otherwise posted. Individuals are required to adhere to posted speed limits at all times.
2.2Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks.
2.3Vehicles on York University campuses must display valid license plates and government issued validation stickers, and must have valid automobile insurance.

Section Three:
Parking Regulations

3.1“Parking Permit” is defined as a valid permit, pass, stub or other Parking credential issued by York University Parking and Transportation Services, and may be issued for daily, monthly or other durations.
3.2All vehicles parked on York University property must be parked in a designated parking space, and clearly display a valid Parking Permit purchased from and issued by York University Parking and Transportation Services.
3.3Parking Permits must be displayed in the vehicle in accordance with the instructions provided for such Parking Permit.
3.4A Parking Permit is only valid for the date and time indicated on the permit and for the vehicle(s) and location to which the Permit was issued.
3.5The University reserves the right to suspend parking privileges temporarily or permanently in any area for special events, emergencies, or construction.
3.6Camping or overnight stays in a vehicle on campus are strictly prohibited.
3.7Vehicles parked in Accessible Parking spaces must display the Ontario Accessibility Parking Placard issued for the said person, and a valid Parking Permit purchased from and issued by York University Parking & Transportation Services.

Section Four:
Vehicle Registration and Parking Permit Purchase

4.1All Parking Permits (decals, placards, hangtags, passes, stubs, etc.) and access cards are issued by and remain the property of York University Parking & Transportation Services. They are valid only for the vehicle(s) registered. Parking Permits are non-transferable and may not be sold, issued, exchanged, given away or otherwise obtained from any person or agency other than York University Parking and Transportation Services. Unauthorized use will result in confiscation, tagging and/or towing away of the vehicle and possible prosecution.
4.2Hourly/daily Parking Permits may be purchased from the payment devices (“Pay Stations”) or online services that are provided by Parking and Transportation Services where available.
4.3Customers applying for a monthly/sessional Parking Permit must provide a valid copy of the vehicle ownership along with their Parking Permit application. Faculty, staff and students whose main responsibilities, offices or majority of courses are at Keele Campus are required to obtain Parking Permits from Parking & Transportation Services at Keele Campus. Those, whose main responsibilities, offices or majority of courses are at Glendon Campus are required to obtain Parking Permits from Parking & Transportation Services at Glendon Campus. Complete monthly/sessional Parking Permit application policies and procedures are posted on the Parking Services website.
4.4Parking Permits and/or access cards must be relinquished when requested by a Parking & Transportation Services Representative.
4.5York University may decline, at its sole discretion, to issue a Parking Permit to any individual or vehicle having unpaid fees owing to the University.
4.6A separate Parking Permit is required for each vehicle parked on campus.
4.7Parking Permit holders must promptly inform Parking & Transportation Services of any changes in the information provided on their application.

Section Five:
Parking and Traffic Violations

5.1Any vehicle that is in violation of Applicable Laws and/or these Regulations may be tagged and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
5.2Where a vehicle is in violation of these Regulations and/or Applicable Laws, York University may, at its discretion, elect to issue a Notice rather than a Municipal Parking Violation. Notices request payment for the daily rate applicable to the parking lot in which the vehicle was parked. Municipal Parking Violations have mandatory set penalties stipulated by Applicable Laws.
5.3York University will not issue a Notice for violations that create a safety risk, interfere with University business, during special events, on weekends and holidays, or as otherwise indicated in these Regulations.
5.4A vehicle may receive a maximum of three (3) Notices after which a Municipal Parking Violation will be issued for any further violations.
5.5Vehicles will be towed from University property for the following reasons:

a) Parking in a designated Fire Route.
b) Displaying a counterfeit/forged/altered Parking Permit.
c) Blocking or obstructing roads, sidewalks, entrances or parking in other areas on campus not designated for parking.
d) Parking without a valid Parking Permit during special events or parking in
a manner that interferes with University Business.
e) Parking in contravention of these Regulations after receiving a cumulative total of five (5) Notices and/or Municipal Parking Violations.Vehicles that are towed are subject to towing and storage charges established by the City of Toronto. Any such charges are at the vehicle owner’s expense.
York University will not consider any challenges or appeals related to the number of Notices issued or if a Municipal Parking Violation was issued instead of a Notice. Municipal Parking Violations are issued in accordance with Applicable Laws. All questions, inquiries or appeals related to Municipal Parking Violations must be directed to the City of Toronto.

Parking Services

Keele Campus

222 William Small Centre

4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J1P3

Main Line 416 736 5335

416 736 5874

Monday to Friday
8:45AM - 4:15PM

Closed every 3rd Friday of each month at 1:15pm.

Glendon Campus

The Greenhouse

2275 Bayview Ave
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Main Line 416 487 6788

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Monday to Friday
8:45AM - 4:15PM

Closed daily from 12:00pm to 1:00pm for lunch.