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Kimberly Bodick, Student

Kimberly Bodick, Student

"When I was 13 years old my best friend was diagnosed with a rare type of connective tissue cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. We had spent nearly every day together since kindergarten and the news was shocking and hard to process. I learned at an early age how to change bandages, clean PICC lines, and what terms like neutropenic meant. We would travel together with her mother to Sick Kids Hospital and stay in the Ronald McDonald House, and I often accompanied her when she had radiation therapy and treatment procedures. We met nurses often and worked with them daily as part of her care. She fought very hard for nearly two years but succumbed to her condition a little over two weeks before her 15th birthday. Since then I have wanted to help other people and provide care for them.

At York U I am a 4th year collaborative BScN student and a member of the York University Nursing Student Mentorship Program as an executive member. I collaborate with faculty and help facilitate hands-on skills practice sessions in the Nursing Simulation Centre based on the expressed needs of my peers. I also volunteer as a peer tutor in acute care. I believe strongly in collaborating with peer groups to support learning and enjoy practicing my hands-on skills in study groups. Practicing nursing skills helps me gain confidence and improve my abilities with practice in the realistic nursing environment in the NSC. I hope to become an emergency department nurse after writing my NCLEX exam next year, and I have no doubt that diligently practicing skills will help me stand out from the competition."

Kimberly Bodick
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Faculty of Health


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