Plant Biology Photography @ York University

Below are photographs of plants taken at the University, mostly in Boyer Woodlot (In support of the Plant Biology course SC/BIOL2010). Click and zoom for close-ups. Please feel free to share and adapt them under a Creative Commons license of Attribution 4.0 International. Please attribute to Plant Biology Photography @ York University.

2013 Springtime

LarchLarix larcina leaves emerging

Maple LeavesMaple leaves emerging

Sugar Maple FlowersTree leaves and flowers emerging

Trillium Trillium flowers at full bloom

Trout LilyErythronium flower in bloom

MayapplePodophyllum (mayapple) emerging

Sugar Maple FlowerTree flowers emerging

Oak FlowerQuercus flowers emerging

Tree Leaves EmergingTree leaves expanding after emergence

Tree Leaves EmergingTree leaves emerging from the bud

Dandelion FlowersDandelion flowers

2013 Summer

Tree Leaves EmergedTree leaves emerged

Oak AcornOak acorn

Sugar Maple SamarasSugar maple samaras

2013 Fall

Sugar Maple LeafSugar maple leaf

Oak LeafOak leaf

Basswood FruitsBasswood fruit subtending bract

Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves showing changes in colour

Scarlet PimpernelPimpernel

2013 Winter

Cedar BranchCedar branch in winter

Dormant Maple Flower BudsMaple flower buds --dormant

Dormant Basswood BudBasswood bud --dormant

Basswood FruitBasswood fruit in winter

2014 Springtime

Emerging Leavesleaves emerging in 2014 springtime

MayapplesMayapples emerging in 2014 springtime

Trillium Trillium flowers emerging 2014 springtime

Trout LilyTrout lily flowers emerging 2014 springtime

Silver Maple Samaras Silver maple samaras 2014 springtime

Understory Emerging Leaves understory emerging leaves 2014 springtime

Cherry Blossom (with Pollinator) pin cherry flower with pollinator 2014 springtime

2014 Summer

Larch needlesLarch needles fully developed in early summer

Basswood flower budsBasswood flower buds in early summer

Basswood flowersBasswood flowers in mid-summer

Composite flowerscomposite flowers

2014 Fall

Basswood fall leafBasswood leaf starting to change color in early fall

BurdockBurdock fruits in early fall

Goldenrod (Solidago) buds and flowersGoldenrod flower buds and flowers

Goldenrod (Solidago) from flowers to seeding in late fallGoldenrod flowering to seeding in early to late fall

Oak (Quercus) acornsOak acorns

2014 Winter

Moss sporophytes in snow (morning)Moss sporophytes in the snow (morning)

Moss sporophytes in mid-winterMoss sporophyte maturing in mid-winter

Moss sporophytes in frost (morning)Moss sporophytes in frost (morning)

Larch (probably Larix decidua)Larch cone and spurs in winter

White PinePine needles in winter

Winter tree budsdormant tree buds in mid-winter

Larch branch spursLarch branch spurs in winter

2015 Springtime

Spring thaw tree budsTree buds during spring thaw

Trout Lily in a Moss BedTrout lily emerging from a moss bed

Emerging TrilliumsTrilliums emerging from the forest floor

Emerging leavesUnderstory leaves emerging from their buds

Understory leaves emerging from their buds

Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica)Claytonia virginica (spring beauty) blossom

Beech LeafingBeech leafing in early spring: 1 - 7 May

Newly Emerged Beech Leavesmultiple leaves emerging from a beech bud