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Roles & Responsibilities of the Cardholder

All transaction documentation and reconciliations will be subject to audit by Finance, Internal Audit, and/or external granting agencies. Failure to comply with the Travel Visa® card guidelines may lead to cancellation of the card with notice by e-mail.

Travel Visa® Card cardholder responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Upon receipt of your Travel Card you are required to attend the cardholder training provided by Finance
  • Use the Travel Visa® Card in accordance with the Travel Card Guideline, University policies and procedures (including ethics, procurement polices and procedures, reimbursement of expenses policy and procedure, and human resources policy and procedure), funding agency requirements, policies and procedures
  • For externally funded research, ensure all expenditures occur within the dates for which the expenditures are eligible against the grant
  • Be accountable for all charges made with the card
  • Maintain the Travel Visa® Card with the highest level of security
  • Settle disputes directly with vendor
  • Report immediately to US Bank Visa® (toll free at 1-800-588-8065 or see reverse side of card) and Finance, if card was lost or stolen, or if the cardholder suspects the card or account number has been compromised
  • Submit all expenses through Concur in an accurate and timely manner (i.e. by the end of the month in which your statement is issued) and obtain the appropriate one-over-one approval of all claims submitted through Concur
  • Retain original receipts to be imaged and attached to expense lines in Concur and submit the original receipts to Finance
  • Return the card upon termination of employment or at the commencement of extended leave from the university
  • Pay directly to US Bank the amount of any personal expenses charged to the card
  • Pay any interest and/or penalties incurred as a result of late filing of expense claims
  • Understand that misuse of the card or failure to file expense reports through Concur on a timely basis will result in suspension of all privileges related to the Travel Visa® Card

Cardholder Liability

All unapproved expenses will become the responsibility of the cardholder. The university may deduct the amount of any unapproved card transactions or card transactions designated as personal expenses not paid directly to US Bank Visa® directly from any future payment due to the cardholder.