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Spending Limits & Restrictions

The Travel Visa® card can have a monthly transaction limit of up to $25,000 and a single transaction limit of up to $10,000, depending on your travel needs.

Spending Restrictions

The Travel Visa® card is to be used exclusively for travel and related expenses in accordance with the University's policies and procedures.

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable purchases include:


  • Airfare
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Taxi, bus, rail
  • Car rental - always decline insurance
  • Meals while traveling for University purposes
  • Fuel (for rental cars only)
  • Conference, seminar and registration fees
  • Pre-approval hospitality
  • Nominal purchases of goods where the merchant is unable to directly bill the University


  • Cash advance, ATM withdrawals
  • Controlled goods/substances, including hazardous & radioactive materials, and some chemicals
  • Goods & services that should be purchased through Sm@rtBuy, paid by PCard, or paid through Accounts Payable
  • Consulting, employment and other services
  • Personal Expenses

Personal Expenses

The Travel Visa® card should be used for University purposes. In rare circumstances, where the Travel Visa® card was used for personal or unapproved expenses, a payment should be made by you directly to your Travel Visa® card account with US Bank Visa. This can be done at your personal financial institution using their online or other bill payment services. The University will not be responsible for interest charged to your Travel Visa® card as a result of personal or unapproved expenses charged to the Travel Visa® card.

Personal expenses charged to the Travel Visa® card will be loaded directly into your Concur account and you are required to designate these expenses as personal within your Concur account. All expenses charged to the Travel Visa® card will have to be submitted on an expense report. Payment will not be made to US Bank Visa® for expenses applied to a report that has been designated as personal.