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Transaction Details & Monthly Statement

The monthly billing cycle for the Travel Visa® card begins on the 21st day of each month and ends on the 20th day of the following month.

The cardholders monthly statement will be available on the 21st day of each month (i.e. the day after the close of the monthly billing cycle).

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements will NOT be mailed to individual cardholders. Statements can be obtained at Please refer to the Travel Expense Card US Bank_Visa_Access Online Training Guideline (PDF)for additional information.

Transaction Details

You can view your transactions in your Concur account and your Travel Visa® card account through Access Online. Transactions which have been posted to your Travel Visa® card are uploaded to your Concur account on a nightly basis.

Interest (or delinquency fee)

The interest rate (or a delinquency fee) charged to your account for a late payment is 2.5% of the overdue amount per month. The cardholder is responsible for paying interest charges. The University will not be responsible for interest charges (or delinquency fees) as a result of filing expense reports in an untimely manner or for personal or unapproved expenses.

To avoid interest charges (or delinquency fees), you must submit your expense report by the end of the month in which your card statement is issued (note: the statement close date is the 20th day of each month). This allows sufficient time for your manager/dean/chair to approve your expense report and for the University to issue the payment US Bank Visa® and avoid interest charges (or delinquency fees). The University will only pay the expenses incurred on the Travel Visa® card for University purposes directly to US Bank after the expense report has been approved.

Please note, if you return from your travel destination prior to the card statement close date, and all your travel expenses have been uploaded to your Concur account, we strongly urge you to submit expenses as soon as possible (but no later than the end of the month).