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How to purchase tri-agency funded expenditures?

York University’s Policy and Procedure on Procurement of Goods and Services apply to all acquisitions from funds 400 and 500.  The procurement method is dependent on the overall dollar value of the purchase and may be paid via a number of means.

To learn more on the buying and payment process for the various dollar thresholds visit the How to Services section of this website.

All equipment and material purchased or collected with grant funds belongs to the Institution and not the individual grant holder.  As the owner, York must ensure that the equipment is used to support the research project.  If Agency-funded equipment or vehicles are later sold, proceeds from the sale belong to the Institution and must be used for research related purchases.

The Institution has the right and the responsibility to withhold approval of expenses proposed by a grant holder that contravene Agency requirements or Institutional policies.

Approval Process

The grant holder is responsible for authorizing expenditures from his/her grant in accordance with the Agency’s requirements and Institutional policies.  Written authorization is the grant holder’s signature (or that of someone who has been given written delegated authority by the grant holder).  This signature is required on any document used in support of a purchase (e.g. purchasing requisition).

At a minimum, the grant holder must ensure that all goods or services purchased from his/her grant are considered eligible according to the list published by each Agency (NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR).  In addition, grant holders are required to indicate receipt of goods or services in accordance with stipulated terms and conditions (including pricing) by signing all invoices and reconciliation reports.

Document Retention

All documentation in support of expenditures from tri-agency funds must be retained for audit purposes.  At a minimum, the PI is required to retain copies of quotations, invoices and packing slips for purchases the PI has made directly and under the $10,000 threshold.  These documents must be kept for a minimum of six (6) years plus the current year (Canada Revenue Agency requirement).

Strategic Procurement Services will retain a copy of all the relevant documents for purchases in excess of $50,000 and Accounts Payable will retain a copy of the invoice and proof of payment for a minimum of six (6) years plus the current year.  Strategic Procurement Services will also retain copies of all competitive bid submissions for an additional year post the conclusion of a project, and longer if any extended warranties apply.