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Purchase Services from a Contractor valued up to $25k (PCard not available)

Where the Contractor does not accept credit card payment, your PCard limit is not sufficient, or the Contractor is not Canadian, services can be purchased and an invoice sent to York. To purchase services from a Contractor valued up to $25k without a PCard follow the steps below.

Tip: you may be able to access better pricing and terms if you purchase from a Vendor of Record.

The payment of invoices that does not require the submission of a purchasing requisition (Non-PO Invoices) will be directed and processed through Sm@rtBuy. For more information on this change can be found on the Non-PO Invoice Processing Instructions page, as well as the Non-PO Invoice Processing FAQs. A reminder that several kinds of payments are exempt from this new process, and should be processed as usual.


There are three steps required before you purchase:

  1. Check if you can purchase from a Vendor of Record.
  2. Confirm you are engaging with a Contractor. If the service provider is an individual (that is self-employed, a sole proprietor, operating through an incorporated entity or other) ensure that an Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) has been completed for this engagement, signed by the independent contractor, and Accounts Payable have approved the service provider as an 'Independent Contractor'.
  3. Confirm if the service provider requires a Purchase Order (P.O.). if yes, complete a Purchasing Requisition Form and send to Strategic Procurement Services, along with the approved ICQ for this engagement (if the service provider is an individual).


Receive a copy of the Purchase Order from Procurement Services:

  1. If you receive a Blanket P.O. you will need to purchase the goods directly from the vendor yourself; or
  2. If you receive a General P.O. or Projects P.O. then Procurement Services will purchase the goods on your behalf and send you a confirmation.

More information about Purchase Orders can be found here.

Strategic Procurement Services will ask the vendor if they would like to be paid by direct deposit and support the vendor to complete the Vendor Direct Deposit Form.

Purchase the goods directly from the Vendor and request an invoice to be sent directly to Accounts Payable (AP).

For identification purposes it is important that the Vendor includes the following information:

1.  Bill to contact details
a) Payable to: York University
b) The full name and York email address of the purchaser
c) Name of the purchaser's department

2.  Vendor contact details
a) Full vendor name and remit address
b) Vendor phone number and email address

3. Brief description of goods and services

4. HST registration number (if registered to collect HST) - For small suppliers not required to register for HST, please include the phrase "Small supplier, HST not required."

Additionally, we ask that Vendors provide any other relevant information
standard on invoices that we have not specified in this list (e.g., cost of
goods/services, any discounts, shipping, date of invoice, etc.) For PO invoices,
this information should conform to the lines on the PO.


You will have a copy of the Purchase Order.

There are three steps required after receipt of services:

  1. Follow the “Receiving Instructions” section of the Purchase Order.
    More information about Purchase Orders can be found here.
  2. For payment to a vendor outside Canada or the United States, complete a Wire to Foreign Countries Form.
  3. Send all forms to Accounts Payable (along with the invoice if it has been received)

You will not have a Purchase Order. Two steps are required after the receipt of goods:

1.  Invoices will be sent directly to AP from vendor.

2.  AP will upload invoice in Sm@rtBuy.

3.  An automated invoice email notification will be sent to the purchaser. Please see purchaser work instructions on how to complete the following steps:
a) Review invoice and input accounting info;
b) If you do not have accounting information, forward invoice to the person charged with inputting it;
c) Attach any additional documents.

All applicable steps should be completed so invoices can be automatically routed to approvers. Please see approver work instructions for more information.

Note: The preferred method of payment is direct deposit and would ask the vendor to complete an Application for Vendor Direct Deposit Banking Form.

For payment to a vendor outside Canada or the United States complete a Wire To Foreign Country Form.