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Purchase Services from a Contactor valued between $25k and $50k

Purchases between $25k and $50k require a greater level of scrutiny to ensure that the University obtains fair market value. To purchase services from a Contractor valued between $25k and $50k follow the steps below.

Tip: check if you can purchase from a Vendor of Record. You may be able to access better pricing and terms, and will be exempt from the requirement to solicit three quotes.


There are three steps required prior to purchase:

  1. Confirm the preferred service provider:
    a) If you purchase through a Vendor of Record, there is no requirement to collect three quotes.
    b) For all other service providers collect three quotes (the Vendor Quote Solicitation Form is a useful tool to collect the important information).
    Note: you can request an exemption from collecting three quotes.
    c) Select the preferred service provider.
  2. Confirm you are engaging with a Contractor: If the service provider is an individual (that is self-employed, a sole proprietor, operating through an incorporated entity or other) ensure that an Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) has been completed for this engagement, signed by the independent contractor, and Accounts Payable have approved the service provider as an 'Independent Contractor'.
  3. Complete and submit a Purchasing Requisition Form for the preferred service provider and submit to Strategic Procurement Services, along with your approved ICQ for this engagement (if the service provider is an individual).


Receive a copy of the Purchase Order from Strategic Procurement Services:

  1. If you receive a Blanket P.O. you will need to purchase the services directly from the provider yourself; or
  2. If you receive a General P.O. or Projects P.O. then Strategic Procurement Services will purchase the services on your behalf and send you a confirmation.

More information about Purchase Orders can be found here.

Strategic Procurement Services will ask the service provider if they would like to be paid by direct deposit and support the service provider to complete the Vendor Direct Deposit Form.


There are three steps required after receipt of services:

  1. Follow the “Receiving Instructions” section of the Purchase Order. More information about Purchase Orders can be found here.
  2. For payment to a service provider outside Canada or the United States, complete a Request for Wire Transfer Form.
  3. Send all forms to Accounts Payable (along with the invoice if it has been received)

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