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Purchase Services from a Contactor valued up to $25k (PCard available)

Where possible, Canadian Contractors should be paid using a PCard. To purchase services from a Canadian Contractor valued up to $25k using a PCard follow the steps below.

Tip: you may be able to access better pricing and terms if you purchase from a Vendor of Record.


Three steps are required before you purchase:

  1. Check if you can purchase from a Vendor of Record.
  2. Confirm you are engaging with a Contractor. If the service provider is an individual (that is self-employed, a sole proprietor, operating through an incorporated entity or other) ensure that an Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) has been completed for this engagement, signed by the independent contractor, and Accounts Payable have approved the service provider as an 'Independent Contractor'.
  3. Check that the Contractor is Canadian, accepts PCard and that there is sufficient limit on the PCard.

To increase your PCard limit complete the Purchasing Card Change Request Form.


Make the payment using your PCard. Payment will be automatically charged to the default account and cost centre linked to the PCard.

Save the receipt (confirmation of payment) on file as per York's Common Records Schedule (CRS).


Complete your monthly PCard reconciliation including reallocation of charges (if required).

Do not send copies of the receipt to Accounts Payable.

Learn more about purchasing with a Purchasing Card (PCard).

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