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Social Procurement Vendor Portal Directory

The following vendors have been identified by York University as businesses that support the goals of the University's Social Procurement Policy.

Vendors will bear one of three identifiers: DV for diverse vendor, IB for Indigenous-owned business, and SE for a social enterprise. 

Instructions for York University

While these vendors are not classified as vendors of record (VOR) and have not undergone a competitive process to be added to a VOR list, you are encouraged to consider these businesses for your procurement needs. 

If a University Vendors of Record (VOR) category exists for the goods and/or services that you are looking for, you must consult the VOR first.

Community members are reminded that the following list is subject to Strategic Procurement Services’ spending thresholds to determine best value:

Under $25,000Between $25,000 - $50,000Over $50,000
Check to determine whether a vendor of record exists for your purchase.    You must obtain 3 quotes. It is our preference that you solicit quotes from the Social Procurement Vendor List as much as possible. Use the Vendor Quote Solicitation FormPlease submit a Competitive Bid Request form to Strategic Procurement Services.  

Social procurement considers how procurement, the process of buying goods and services, can positively impact the social well-being of communities and assist to reduce poverty, promote economic and social inclusion, and support local economic development and social enterprise. It fosters an enabling environment by embedding supply chain diversity and workforce development initiatives within procurement processes to promote inclusive economic growth.

If you have any questions about using the list, Procurement Trade Agreement exemptions or York’s Social Procurement policy and how it could apply to your purchase, please send an email to Brent Brodie at  

To learn more about adding your business to the Social Procurement Vendor Directory click here