last updated December 2007

René Fournier, Professor
Chemistry, York University

Courses taught in 2007/08:
  1. Winter 2008: Chemical Dynamics, CHEM 1001 section P
        Lecture: Tue 1900-2150 in CSE B
        Tutorials: Tue 1800-1850 in CSE B
        Textbook: General Chemistry by Petrucci, Harwood, Herring and Madura, 9th Edition (2007, Pearson Prentice Hall)
    The course covers roughly chapters 14 to 20 of General Chemistry by Petrucci et al., inclusively. Topics are: chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, solubility and complex-ion equilibria, entropy and free energy, and electrochemistry. More details will be provided with the course outline at the beginning of term.
  2. Winter 2008: Symmetry, Electronic Structure and Bonding, CHEM 2010
        Lectures: Mon, Wed, Fri, 1030-1120 in Curtis Lecture Hall F
        Tutorials: Thu 1130-1230 and 1730-1830 in TEL 0006
        Textbook: Physical Chemistry by Silbey, Alberty and Bawendi, 4th Edition (2005, Wiley)
    The course will cover roughly chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Physical Chemistry and a few additional sections of other chapters. Topics to be covered are: quantum theory, energy levels and the Boltzmann distribution, atomic structure, molecular electronic structure, intermolecular forces, symmetry, and selected applications of symmetry to vibrational modes, molecular orbital theory, and spectroscopy.

Courses taught previously:
  1. Chemical Structure, CHEM 1000, Fall 1997 to 2000
  2. Chemical Dynamics, CHEM 1001, Winter 2001, 2004-06, 2008
  3. Symmetry, Electronic Structure and Bonding, CHEM 2010, Winter 2005, 2008
  4. Computational Chemistry, CHEM 3040, Winter 1998 to 2002, 2004
  5. Introduction to Quantum Chemistry, CHEM 4010, Fall 2006
  6. Chemical Applications of Group Theory, CHEM 5210, Fall 1999
  7. Surface Chemistry (first half), CHEM 5170C, Winter 2002.
  8. Bio-interfaces (first half), CHEM 5610, Fall 2006.

Reading courses taught:
  1. Molecular Dynamics, CHEM 4060, Winter 1998
  2. Chosen Chapters in Quantum Chemistry, CHEM 5260A, Winter 1998
  3. Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Clusters, CHEM 5170, Winter 1999
  4. Quantum Mechanics, CHEM 5510, Winter 2006.