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LA&PS launches new student Digital Composition Prize alongside popular Writing Prize

LA&PS launches new student Digital Composition Prize alongside popular Writing Prize

A new prize announced by York University's Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) will recognize undergraduate students for their digital creations through the new LA&PS Digital Composition Prize.

Course directors in LA&PS may nominate an assignment (one per course) by a first- to fourth-year LA&PS student in the appropriate category. Categories are organized by first to fourth year.

The competition will accept nominations of graphics, hypertext, video, audio, programming languages (Flash, Java etc.) and platform capabilities. Organizers encourage multimodal entries, and state that entries must be web-aware.

Winners will be selected by a panel of adjudicators (full-time faculty in Digital Media) and will receive a cash award, an official transcript note and the opportunity to have their digital composition hosted permanently on a York-hosted website. A static URL of their faculty-reviewed submission will remain easily accessible to those considering applications for graduate and professional studies.

"With the shift to online delivery, the Faculty felt it was the right time for this award," said Associate Professor Jon Sufrin, the competition co-ordinator. “We’re hoping for a broad range of creative, multimodal, interactive entries that showcase the good work of our students in digital composition.”

Projects eligible for the Fall/Winter 2020 contest will come from courses offered during the Summer 2020Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms. Entries will be accepted until June 16. Winners and honourable mentions will be contacted in Fall 2021.

For details, visit the LA&PS Digital Composition Prize website; to submit a nomination, follow this link.

LA&PS Writing Prize

Submissions that are primarily text-based should be considered for the LA&PS Writing Prize Competition, a long-running competition that is open to a wide range of writing, including case studies, administrative/executive reports, reviews, non-fiction prose and formal essays. Submissions of creative writing will not be considered.

There are five categories: first through fourth year and also undergraduate thesis/major research project. The student's paper should be nominated in the year level of the course, not the student.

Course directors in LA&PS are invited to nominate a student’s paper for the annual LA&PS Writing Prizes until the June 14 deadline. Entries for the Fall/Winter 2020 contest will come from courses offered during the Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms. Winners and honourable mentions will be contacted by the Faculty in Fall 2021.

This competition is adjudicated by full-time faculty from the Writing Department. For details, visit the LA&PS Writing Prize website; to submit a nomination, follow this link.

All award winners for the LA&PS Digital Composition Prize and the LA&PS Writing Prize will have their work included in a new online journal titled Noteworthy: The LA&PS Writing Prizes.

For additional information, contact Jon Sufrin by email at

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