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2022-2023 Courses at York University with Indigenous Content

This page lists courses at York University that incorporate course content regarding Indigenous peoples and their culture, history, language, traditions or practices as well as content relating to colonialism and decolonization. Courses that are considered to primarily contain Indigenous-based content will be displayed in bold.

For courses that focus specifically on Indigenous content, please see those offered by the Indigenous Studies Program. Courses from this program will be marked with an asterisk (*) on this list.

This is an on-going list, and if you don't see a course that you think should be included, be sure to reach out to so we can update this list.

Course Code:Course Title:Department:Location:
GL/CDNS 1900 3.00Reconciling Literature: Understanding Texts & ContextsCanadian StudiesGlendon
EU/ENVS 1010 3.00Introduction to Environmental DocumentariesEnvironmental StudiesKeele
EU/ENVS 1100 3.00The land we're on: Treaties, Art and EnvironmentEnvironmental StudiesKeele
AP/HUMA 1200 9.00Contexts of Canadian CultureHumanitiesKeele
AP/HUMA 1206 6.00Indigenous Culture and LanguageHumanitiesKeele
AP/HUMA 1320 6.00Ideas of America: The Cultures of North AmericaHumanitiesKeele
GL/HUMA 1672 6.00Culture and Power in the AmericasHumanities/HistoryGlendon
AP/HUMA 1740 6.00The Roots of Modern CanadaHumanitiesKeele
AP/INDG 1050 6.00*Introduction to Indigenous Studies*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/POLS 1200 3.00The Politics of LawPoliticsKeele
AP/SOSC 1040 6.00Power & Society: Critical issues in Social JusticeSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 1350 9.00Gender and the LawSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 1375 3.00Introductory Socio-legal StudiesSocial ScienceKeele
Course Code:Course Title:Department:Location:
AP/ANTH 2020 6.00Race, Racism & Popular CultureAnthropologyKeele
AP/ANTH 2130 6.00Anthropology Through the Visual: Images of Resistance/Irresistible ImagesAnthropologyKeele
AP/ANTH 2220 3.00From Settler Colonialism to Multiculturalism: An Anthropological ApproachAnthropologyKeele
AP/ANTH 2420 3.00Language and CultureAnthropologyKeele
ED/EDST 2200 3.00Issues in Indigenous EducationEducational StudiesKeele
ED/EDUC 2300 3.00Pedagogy of the Land: Indigenous Understandings of the Land as First TeacherEducationKeele
AP/GWST 2512 6.00Race, Gender & SexualityGender & Womens StudiesKeele
AP/HIST 2500 6.00Canadian HistoryHistoryKeele
GL/HIST 2670 6.00Canadian HistoryHistoryGlendon
GL/HUMA 2636 3.00Anishinaabemowin (Ojibway) Language and Culture IHumanitiesGlendon
AP/INDG 2030 6.00*Racism and Colonialism*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 2050 6.00*Indigenous Spirituality in the Contemporary World*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 2060 6.00*Treaties and the Indian Act*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 2780 3.00*Indigenous Peoples and Education* Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/LING 2420 3.00Language and CultureLinguisticsKeele
GL/SOCI 2630 3.00Aboriginal Peoples of CanadaSociologyGlendon
GL/SOCI 2652 3.00Social Movements and Contentious Politics in a Global ContextSociologyGlendon
AP/SOSC 2350 6.00Law & SocietySocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 2351 6.00Human Rights in a Social-Legal ContextSocial ScienceKeele
GL/SOSC 2655 6.00Global Geography: Physical and Human AspectsSocial ScienceGlendon
GL/SOSC 2925 3.00Law, Justice and EqualitySocial ScienceGlendon
AP/SOWK 2050 6.00Identity, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory PracticeSocial WorkKeele
AP/SOWK 2070 3.00Indigenous Understandings in Social Work - Theory and PracticeSocial WorkKeele

Course Code:Course Title:Department:Location:
AP/ANTH 3030 3.00Discourses Of ColonialismAnthropologyKeele
AP/COMN 3221 3.00Communicating Social MovementsCommunication StudiesKeele
AP/CRIM 3663 3.00Gender and CrimeCriminologyKeele
EU/ENVS 3160 3.00Race/Racism and Environmental JusticeEnvironmental StudiesKeele
ED/EDST 3730 3.00Education and Human RightsEducation StudiesKeele
ED/FNMI 3000 3.00Teaching First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies in the Intermediate DivisionFirst Nations, Métis & Inuit StudiesOnline
AP/GWST 3557 6.00Superstition, Religion and SexualityGender & Womens StudiesKeele
AP/HIST 3580 6.0020th Century CanadaHistoryKeele
AP/HIST 3601 6.00Indigenous and Colonial American History to 1776HistoryKeele
AP/HIST 3785 3.00Africa and Europe in the Age of ColonialismHistoryKeele
AP/HIST 3850 6.00Murder and Other Crimes: Law and Justice in 19th & 20th Century North AmericaHistory Keele
AP/HREQ 3150 6.00International Frameworks for Human RightsHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 3450 6.00Legal Institutions and Social JusticeHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 3562 6.00Health in a Multicultural ContextHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 3680 6.00Racism in CanadaHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 3963 3.00Language, Linguistic Rights and Human RightsHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HUMA 3226 3.00Visual Cultures and the Natural WorldHumanitiesKeele
GL/HUMA 3633 3.00Indigenous Performance on Turtle IslandHumanities / Drama StudiesGlendon
GL/ILST 3915 3.00Indigenous Peoples in International RelationsInternational StudiesGlendon
AP/INDG 3050 6.00*Indigenous Protocols and Methodologies: Contexts and Relationships*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 3060 3.00*Indigenous Cultural Experience*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 3310 6.00*Métis Issues in North America*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 3839 3.00*Canadian Native Autobiography*Indigenous Studies / HumanitiesKeele
FA/MUSI 3620 3.00Issues in Community MusicMusic Keele
AP/POLS 3065 3.00Political Culture of Race and RacismPolitical ScienceKeele
AP/POLS 3102 3.00*Indigenous Politics in Canada*Political Science / Indigenous StudiesKeele
GL/POLS 3625 3.00Canadian Government and PoliticsPolitical ScienceGlendon
AP/SOCI 3355 3.00Social MovementsSociologyKeele
AP/SOCI 3430 6.00Ethnicity, Power and IdentitySociologyKeele
AP/SOCI 3450 6.00The Sociology of Race and RacismSociologyKeele
GL/SOCI 3636 3.00Social InequalitySociologyGlendon
AP/SOCI 3810 6.00Criminalization and RacializationSociologyKeele
AP/SOSC 3090 6.00Medicine and North American Society in Historical PerspectiveSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3168 3.00Environmental HealthSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3360 6.00Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3376 3.00Legal Pluralism Social ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3391 6.00Social Diversity and the LawSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3512 6.00Postcolonial TheorySocial ScienceKeele
GL/SOSC 3619 3.00Language EndangermentSocial ScienceGlendon
AP/SOSC 3802 3.00Policy Making in Context: Development and SustainabilitySocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 3921 6.00Indigenous Health and Healing: Interdisciplinary and Traditional DialoguesSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOWK 3570 3.00Social Work Practice, Racism, and WhitenessSocial WorkKeele
SC/STS 3760 3.00Nature, Knowledge and New Worlds, 1500-1800Science & Technology StudiesKeele
FA/THEA 3240 3.00First Nations TheatreTheatreKeele
Course Code:Course Title:Department:Location:
AP/ANTH 4240 3.00Nature, Culture, Power: The Anthropology of EnvironmentAnthropologyKeele
AP/ANTH 4340 6.00Advocacy and Social MovementsAnthropologyKeele
AP/ANTH 4610 3.00The Ethnography of Politics: Anthropological Research on Power and ResistanceAnthropologyKeele
AP/COMN 4750 3.00Approaching Indigenous MediaCommunicationsKeele
AP/COMN 4755 3.00*Indigenous Media in the Canadian Context*Communications / Indigenous StudiesKeele
EU/ENVS 4310 3.00Extraction and its DiscontentsEnvironmental StudiesKeele
EU/ENVS 4311 3.00Indigenous Environmental JusticeEnvironmental StudiesKeele
ED/FNMI 4000 3.00Teaching First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies in the Intermediate Senior Division - Part AFirst Nations, Métis & Inuit StudiesOnline
ED/FNMI 4001 3.00Teaching First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies in the Intermediate Senior Division - Part BFirst Nations, Métis & Inuit StudiesOnline
AP/GWST 4502 6.00Violence Against WomenGender & Women StudiesKeele
AP/GWST 4509 3.00Anti-Racist FeminismGender & Women StudiesKeele
AP/HIST 4508 6.00Cultures and Colonialism: Canada, 1600-1900HistoryKeele
AP/HREQ 4052 3.00Race, Ethnicity and Social PolicyHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 4770 6.00Democracy, Social Movements and Freedom of AssemblyHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HREQ 4780 6.00Gender, Religion and Human Rights in Cross-Cultural PerspectivesHuman Rights & Equity StudiesKeele
AP/HUMA 4160 6.00Storytelling, Multicentered Worlds, and ResistanceHumanitiesKeele
GL/HUMA 4638 3.00History, Translation, and European SocietiesHumanitiesGlendon
AP/INDG 4301 3.00*Horror, Crime, and the Law in Indigenous and African Diaspora Fiction and Performance*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 4600 6.00*Research Seminar*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 4701 6.00*Contesting Gendered Racial and Colonial Violence*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/INDG 4770 6.00*First Nations Music and Cultural Regeneration*Indigenous StudiesKeele
AP/LING 4350 3.00Pidgin and Creole LinguisticsLinguisticsKeele
HH/NURS 4370 3.00The History and Health of Indigenous Individuals, Families and CommunitiesNursingKeele
GL/POLS 4609 3.00SovereigntyPolitical ScienceGlendon
AP/SOCI 4420 6.00Sociology of Indigeneity and Decolonization in a North American ContextSociologyKeele
GL/SOCI 4601 3.00Indigenous Activism, Resistance and ResurgenceSociologyGlendon
GL/SOCI 4621 6.00Decolonising Canada / Décoloniser le CanadaSociologyGlendon
AP/SOSC 4142 3.00Health, Medicine and Creative ResistanceSocial ScienceKeele
AP/SOSC 4351 6.00Law and Society Honours Seminar: Indigenous Peoples and LawSocial ScienceKeele
GL/SOSC 4602 6.00Violence Against WomenSocial ScienceGlendon
AP/SOWK 4270 3.00Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Social Welfare Policy: Reflecting on RelationshipSocial WorkKeele
FA/THEA 4331 3.00Performance, Politics, and Human RightsTheatreKeele

Course Code:
Course Title:Department:Location:
GS/ALDR 6304 3.00Crown Indigenous NegotiationsDispute ResolutionOnline
GS/ANTH 5175 3.00Discourses of Race and Racist DiscourseAnthropologyKeele
GS/CLTC 6202 6.00International Human Rights Law in Canada: Application, Jurisprudence, and Policy ProcessesConstitutional Law & the CharterOnline
GS/CLTC 6725 3.00Constitutional LitigationConstitutional Law & the CharterOnline
GS/CLTC 6728 3.00Constitutional RemediesConstitutional Law & the CharterOnline
GS/CMCT 6101 3.00
Issues in Cultural StudiesCommunication & CultureKeele
GS/CMCT 6137 3.00PostcolonialityCommunication & CultureKeele
GS/EDUC 5421 3.00Discourses of Race and Racist DiscourseEducationKeele
GS/EDUC 5920C 3.00Conceptualising Indigenous Leadership: Investigating Indigenous Leadership Within Systems, Organisations and the Greater Canadian & Global ContextEducationKeele
EU/ENVS 6481 3.00Activist Video-MakingEnvironmental Studies / FilmKeele
GS/GEOG 5355 3.00Political Geographies: Spaces of Territory, Identity and PowerGeographyKeele
GS/GFWS 6904 3.00Critical Approaches to 'Race' and RacismGender, Feminist & Womens StudiesKeele
GS/HIST 5230 3.00Race, Gender and American PoliticsHistoryKeele
GS/HIST 5543 3.00Nature and Society in the Industrial World: Global Environmental History since IndustrializationHistoryKeele
GS/HIST 5770 3.00Languages, Empires, and NationsHistoryKeele
GS/HLTH 5490 3.00Intersectionality, Disability, and HealthHealthKeele
GS/HUMA 6149 3.00Theorizing Cultural TranslationHumanitiesKeele
GS/HUMA 6157 3.00Comparative and World Literature Seminar: History and PracticeHumanitiesKeele
GS/HUMA 6160 3.00Knowledge's Other: Epistemologies of IgnoranceHumanitiesKeele
GS/HUMA 6228 3.00Religion, Secularism and the Colonial EncounterHumanitiesKeele
GS/MUSI 5300 3.00Music for Social Change and Community EmpowermentMusicKeele
GS/PIA 6334 3.00Canada’s Language Policies in Comparative PerspectivePublic & International AffairsGlendon
GS/POLS 6145 3.00Indigenous Politics: Decolonization or "Development"?Political ScienceKeele
GS/SOCI 6204 3.00Indigenous TheorySociologyKeele
GS/SOCI 6760 3.00Race and EthnicitySociologyKeele
GS/SOWK 5030 3.00Oppression and IntersectionalitySocial WorkKeele
GS/SOWK 5550 3.00Indigenous Worldviews and Implications to Social WorkSocial WorkKeele
GS/SOWK 7000 3.00Social Justice within a Social Work ContextSocial WorkKeele
GS/SLST 6000 3.00Law and Social TheorySocio-legal StudiesKeele