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Research Impact Canada

Research Impact Canada (RIC) is a pan-Canadian network dedicated to maximizing the impact of research for public good. RIC was established by York University and the University of Victoria in 2006.

RIC is a national, bilingual network that helps universities and other organizations across Canada maximize the impact of research for their communities. From sharing best practices and co-developing resources, to delivering training in knowledge mobilization skills, RIC is an open and collaborative network of 20+ universities across Canada.

A national leader in the practice of creating value and impact from knowledge, RIC works with academic and industry researchers, research administrative staff, students, and public sector leaders to facilitate projects that support skills development.

RIC supports institutional and organizational capacity through:

  • Facilitating active dialogue and sharing of learnings with frequent engagement in a national community of practice with members who have opportunities to contribute unique content (e.g., institutional strategy, rural and remote community engagement, certification programs, local community partnerships) to RIC members.
  • Developing and sharing tools and resources in creating impactful research and meaningful engagement.
  • Delivering training in key knowledge mobilization areas such as: impact planning, compelling communications, data visualization, effective stakeholder engagement, impact evaluation.
  • Bringing together stakeholders across Canada who work in knowledge mobilization, research, impact planning, evaluation.

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