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Strategic & Institutional Research Initiatives

The Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives unit (SIRI) provides strategic support and advice to Faculty on large-scale and institutional grants as well as supporting awards, chairs, and prizes. SIRI facilitates peer-review of institutional grants, manages internal processes to support VPRI decision-making in determining what projects will be supported by the institution and works with faculty and research support staff across the institution to support the development of the most competitive applications and nominations.

The majority of programs that are supported by SIRI fall within the following criteria:

  • Programs that require institutions to put forward a limited number of projects that fall within a certain allocation and are of strategic importance to the institution. Examples of these of these programs are:
    • Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leadership Fund (JELF)
    • Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Innovation Fund (IF)
  • Programs that are large-scale and whose overall value is approximately $1,000,000 or more. Examples of these programs are:
    • SSHRC Partnership Grants
    • Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence
  • Awards, Chairs and Prizes that are provided through a limited allocation to the institution or are of strategic importance in recognizing the contribution of faculty members to the institution and their research discipline. Examples of these include:
    • Canada Research Chairs
    • York Research Chairs
    • SSHRC Impact Award
    • Royal Society of Canada nominations

Due to the institutional decision-making and coordination that SIRI supported programs often require, the Office of Research Services (ORS) works with the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) to facilitate and coordinate all of York’s SIRI proposals. This activity is developed and implemented in keeping with York University's Strategic Research Plan as well as the institution’s Academic Plan.

As with all applications for external research funding, SIRI applications, including Letters of Intent, must be reviewed and approved by the ORS and VPRI before they are submitted to the granting agency. The application must be accompanied by a completed ORS Checklist (available on the YULink website), which requires signatures from the principal investigator’s Chair and Dean.

For more information please contact:

Mark Roseman, Director, Strategic & Institutional Research Initiatives,, 416.736.2100 x 22507.
Diana Frasca, Strategic and Institutional Research Specialist,,416.736.2100 x 20757.
Maheen Hasan, Strategic and Institutional Research Specialist,, 416.736.2100 x 44200.
Abby Vogus, Strategic and Institutional Research Specialist,, 416.736.2100 x 44670.