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Launch of the China Studies Group

Launch of the China Studies Group

On April 23, 2024, 15 York University researchers gathered on the Keele campus to launch a new research cluster, the China Studies Group within the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR). Other attendees from York University included Vinitha Gengatharan, Assistant Vice-President, Global Engagement & Partnerships, and Helen Balderama, Director of Global Engagement Programs & Partnerships. Susan Hough, representative of the Centre for China Policy Research, Global Affairs Canada, also participated in the meeting.

The China Studies Group will provide a platform for colleagues with a broad interest in China Studies to share their research, exchange funding information, and develop synergies. The creation of such a network is particularly critical at this time when the research environment has become increasingly complicated and access to data increasingly restricted for scholars of China.

Launch of the China Studies Group on 232 April 2024 at York University

YCAR now has research clusters focusing on China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaya, the Philippines, and South Asia. This research structure aligns well with Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (which stresses engagement with China, India, the North Pacific, and Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the region), and places YCAR in a competitive position for the funding envelopes in the Indo-Pacific Engagement Initiative.

The China Studies Group (CSG) is meant to provide a platform for colleagues with a broad interest in China Studies to share their research interests and outcomes, exchange funding information, and create and develop synergies. Specifically, this research group is launched against the background whereby the research topics related to China have been dramatically shifting in recent years on one hand, and the research environment becomes increasingly complicated and data access gets restricted on the other. Hence, this research group aims to evolve into a network that fosters research support and professional development. It was launched on 23 April 2024.

The cluster is led by Joan Judge (History) and Cary Wu (Sociology).

York faculty or students interested in participating can contact us at