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ABMP Welcomes Chinese Principals Back to Canada Showcasing Educational Leadership Excellence

ABMP Welcomes Chinese Principals Back to Canada Showcasing Educational Leadership Excellence

After a hiatus due to global circumstances, the Asian Business and Management Program (ABMP) at York University is proud to announce the successful return of its in-person training program for Chinese education leaders.

ABMP, with its 20 years of experience in providing customized professional development to Asian professionals, recently hosted a delegation of ten principals from China for a focused, three-day program on Canadian educational practices and leadership excellence. The program explored key themes relevant to K-12 education, including fostering inclusive learning environments, identifying and developing leadership potential, and building a positive and collaborative school culture. The Chinese principals, representing a diverse range of educational institutions from large urban schools to smaller rural establishments, were eager to gain insights into the strengths of the Canadian educational approach. Additionally, Dr. Qiang Zha, the Interim Director of York Centre for Asian Research, highlighted the characteristics and merits of Canadian universities, such as promoting equity and justice, fostering liberal values and competencies, and emphasizing student experience and learning outcomes.

Chinese education leaders take in valuable insights on Canadian educational practices during one of the sessions.

Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the unique benefits of face-to-face learning. “The opportunity to interact directly with instructors, engage in discussions with fellow principals, and ask specific questions tailored to our schools was invaluable,” noted one participant. “This in-person experience allowed for a deeper level of understanding and a sense of professional camaraderie that simply cannot be replicated online.”

A program participant proudly shows off the result of a team innovation exercise.

Dr. Elena Caprioni, Program Director of ABMP, emphasized the significance of such programs: “In-person training fosters connections and the exchange of ideas that transcend borders. We believe that building strong international partnerships in education is essential for addressing global challenges and driving innovation. By sharing knowledge and learning from each other, we can collectively work towards creating more equitable and effective educational systems.”  

The successful return of this ABMP program marks an important step in re-establishing cross-cultural educational collaborations. The program's focus on practical insights and actionable strategies inspired the attendees, who expressed their plans for implementing new leadership techniques and inclusive strategies within their institutions. This ripple effect demonstrates the transformative potential of such programs, where knowledge sharing directly translates into positive change. Looking ahead, ABMP plans to continue offering face-to-face sessions, building on the positive feedback and proven program benefits of this format.