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Archived Workshops

Below you find links to the workshops hosted by Research Commons (PPY account needed to view videos). If you would like access to any Powerpoint slide decks or resource sheet please email with the name of the workshop and a brief description of what you are looking for. If you are having difficulties accessing the video recordings please email Andrew Castillo ( Operations Manager, Research Commons.

  1. Innovation York: Intellectual Property
  2. Innovation York: Mitacs
  3. Innovation York: Knowledge Mobilization Planning
  4. Navigating Early Career Awards
  5. Tri-Council Fireside Chat: SSHRC
  6. Tri-Council Fireside Chat: CIHR (Recording Unavailable)
  7. Tri-Council Fireside Chat: NSERC (Recording Unavailable)
  8. NSERC Create Information Session
  9. Building Research Partnerships and Collaborations with Indigenous Communities
  10. 2022 Grant Clinic Information Session
  11. SSHRC Insight Grant Information Session
  12. CIHR Project Grant Information Session
  13. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant Information Session
  14. NSERC Discovery Grant Information Session
  15. CIHR Project Grant Mock Review (Clinical; Health Systems; Population Health Pillar)
  16. CIHR Project Grant Mock Review (Biomedical Pillar)
  17. NFRF Exploration Information Session
  18. Planning Tool for Indigenous Community Engaged Research
  19. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant Mock Review
  20. SSHRC Insight Grant Mock Review
  21. NFRF Exploration Grant Mock Review
  22. NSERC Discovery Grant Mock Review
  23. Amplify Your Research with High-Performance Computing
  24. How to Judge a Researcher - The POLARIS Learning Hub
  25. Tri-Council Graduate Scholarships and What Supervisors Need to Know
  26. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) in Grant Development
  27. SSHRC Partnership Grant Information Session
  28. Royal Society of Canada Fellowship & College Membership Information Session
  29. York Research Chair 2023 Information Session
  30. Early Researcher Award - Round 17 Information Session
  31. 2022 New Faculty Research Orientation
  32. Senate Awards Information Session
  33. Playing the Long Game: Planning Your Tri-Council Grant... a Year Ahead (CIHR Cohort)
  34. Playing the Long Game: Planning Your Tri-Council Grant... a Year Ahead (NSERC Cohort)
  35. Playing the Long Game: Planning Your Tri-Council Grant... a Year Ahead (SSHRC Cohort)
  36. Your Research Career Post-Tenure Pathways to Full Professorship
  37. Organized Research Unit (ORU) Information Session