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 RGTTC Working Groups

  •  Narratives in/of the Americas

Alejandro Zamora, María Constanza Guzmán

The work of this working group centres around the nature of narratives in the Americas. In our projects and other initiatives, including one of the courses we teach, we explore the character and the role of narratives in the construction and circulation of discourse(s) in and of the Americas, and specifically of Latin America. Through various projects we investigate the way in which the Americas are constructed narratively and the way in which narratives --including fiction and non-fiction and personal (life) and social narratives, as well as written, translated, and visual narratives—contribute to building archives of memory and lived experience, bringing together individuals, articulating communities, and fostering understanding and empathy. (related courses: TRAN 5135: Experiences of Translation in the Americas, and SP 4806: Narratives in/of Latin America. Individuals, Communities, and their Voices)

  • Translation and the Performing Arts

Guillaume Bernardi and Tania Pla Osca

In addition to their live component, the performing arts are characterized by a dual nature. Regardless of the artistic discipline, performances are commonly preceded ─and in some cases followed─ by some kind of written record i.e. the drama text, the music score, the dance notation, etc. As with translating, staging a play, opera, or ballet entails a "passage" from source text to target text  that raises a number of issues concerning reception, authorship and ethics, amongst others. However, despite sharing many core research questions, it is still uncommon that translation and theatre and performance studies draw from each other, or that they combine theories  and research methods that can be applied towards common projects.  The Working Group on Translation and the Performing Arts (PETRA) aims to be a space to foster the collaboration between scholars, translators, and artists working on research projects and practices that explore points of intersection between translation and the performing arts.


    Projects of RGTTC members 


  • "Translating the Gap - Mapping Contact" a working group of the RGTTC, the CRLC, and the Jackman Humanities Institute (U. of Toronto). Coordinators: Andreas Motsch and Dominique Scheffel-Dunand. RGTTC team members: Ian Martin, María Constanza Guzmán. 2013-2014.
  • Seminar on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Healthcare. Project leader: Andrew Clifford. Research Team: Members from York and other institutions in the GTA. 
  • Advanced research seminar: "Translating Cultures." Leader: Susan Ingram. Graduate Program in Humanities, York University. 2008-2009. 
  • Voces de traductores/Translator’s Voices: A Critical Account of Latin American Literature in Translation. Maria Constanza Guzman. 2006-2008.
  • MA en traductologie appliquée anglais-français-espagnol offert par l'Internet. Marie-Christine Aubin, Maria C. Guzman.