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York University Driver Requirements

Driving University Owned & Rented Vehicles

Individuals who are eligible to drive under York University's owned and rental vehicle programs (both within North America and worldwide) include employees, academic staff members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, undergraduate students, interns, externs, and co-op students. Coverage does not include countries that are subject to trade or other economic sanction or embargo by Canada.

Eligible Drivers Must:

  • have a valid Ontario driver's license
  • be 18 years or older
  • have less than three (3) demerit points against their license
  • have a valid driver's license for the type of vehicle they are driving
  • ensure they are qualified to drive in the country/province/state in which they are driving
  • not have a G1,G2, probationary, or motorcycle/moped only license.

Individuals from other post-secondary institutes or companies are not eligible to drive York University-owned or rented vehicles on behalf of the university.

To Register with Risk Management Services, each driver must:

  1. Complete and submit a Driver Profile Form (which must be signed by the driver and their departmental supervisor/ and or manager)
  2. Scan and submit a copy of the front and back of their drivers license
  3. Request and submit a 3-year Ontario Driver Abstract

Upon license expiry and renewal, drivers must complete and submit a new Driver Profile Form.

While driving for the University:

It is the responsibility of the driver to cease driving for the University and contact Risk Management if any of the following situations occur:

  • a) they have three (3) or more demerits
  • b) they have their license suspended or revoked; or
  • c) their medical practitioner has indicated that they should not drive

All accidents that occur while individuals are driving on University business are required to be reported to Campus Security (416-736-5333) and Risk Management as soon as possible

Drivers involved in any of the following will be reviewed by Risk Management:

  • multiple accidents within a two year period;
  • a serious accident;
  • a serious driving infraction while driving on university-related business;
  • The results of this review may require the driver to attend a drivers safety course in order to continue as a driver insured under this program or could result in suspension of driving privileges.

Driver's Abstract Check

Risk Management Services performs a yearly abstract update for all registered drivers that hold a valid Ontario Driver's license.

  • Departments adding new drivers before or after the update period will have to provide their own abstracts;
  • Should an abstract show that an employee's license has been cancelled, suspended, or otherwise shows the driver as unlicensed, Risk Management services will immediately contact the employee's manager and request that the individual's driving privileges be suspended until further notice;
  • The suspension will remain in effect until such a time that the driver can show proof of a reinstated license through a new 3-year Ontario Driver's Abstract (the cost will be incurred by the driver).

More Information

For more information on York University driver requirements, please see the Standard Operating Procedure on Driver Registration.