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Strategic Plan Advisory Board

The Strategic Plan Advisory Board is comprised of Faculty member representatives from all Departments, as well as Contract Faculty, Staff members, Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Mandate: Advise and comment on strategic plan process and goals

Faculty Members

  • Mary-Helen Armour, STS (Chair)
  • Joel Zylberberg, PHAS (Vice-Chair)
  • Ernie Hamm, STS
  • Mary-Helen Armour, STS
  • Stephen Watson, Math & Stats
  • Steven Wang, Math & Stats
  • Chris Caputo, Chemistry
  • Thomas Baumgartner, Chemistry
  • William van Wijngaarden, PHAS
  • Joel Zylberberg, PHAS
  • Julie Clark, Biology
  • Nik Kovinich, Biology

Contract Faculty

  • Alireza Rafiee, Chemistry
  • Rajeshwari Iyer, Physics & Astronomy

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Jason Pina, Physics & Astronomy

Staff Members

  • Maria Mazzurco, Senior Laboratory Technician, Biology
  • Avalon Moore, Accounts Assistant, Biology
  • Violeta Gotcheva, Director, IT Services

Undergraduate Students

  • Gemner Sandoval, Biology
  • Robert Cheung, Biomedical Sciences

Graduate Students

  • Amy Laturski, MSc Chemistry
  • Hassan Mustafa Arif, PhD Biology