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Preparing for Your Enrolment

If you wish to prepare in advance for your enrolment, ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the following: the Undergraduate Program Calendar (for your year of admission), Course Descriptions, Enrolment and Registration Guide and Money Matters.

Undergraduate Program Calendar:

The Calendar is your rule book.  It outlines all the rules and regulations you are required to comply with as a Science student.  It also provides detailed information on all the Science program.

As you are reviewing the online Handbook and Calendar, make a note of any questions you may have for your Advisor.  Think of any concerns you may have about attending university, and figure out if you’d like to apply to residence, student loan or need to work during the school year. If you have a plan worked out for what you’d like to do after you graduate, we can help you get there as well.

Course Descriptions:

To help you select your courses, you may want to review some of our course descriptions by visiting the York Courses website.  The York Courses Web site is designed to provide a central location where information can be obtained on thousands of courses that are being taught and have been taught in the past at York University.  It will include course descriptions and scheduling information for your courses.  Please note that although the York Course Web site will allow you to view courses for a specific session.

Enrolment Guide:

The Enrolment and Registration Guide is intended to assist students in understanding the policies and procedures of enrolment and registration, and provide information about the current session’s course offerings. Students can find general information about sessional dates, add/drop deadlines, summer holiday and University closings, religious accommodation guidelines, financial information etc.

Money Matters (Fees, Tuitions, Financial Support):

Information on the registration deposit, fees, online statements, payment methods and various types of financial assistance is available in the Enrolment and Registration Guide and on the Student Financial Services website.

How well prepared are you for your enrolment?

While waiting for your advisor to contact you take a few moments to see how well prepared you are for your enrolment.  You should have already completed the following:

  •  Have you created your York Passport Account?
  •  Have you completed your Mathematics Assessment?
  •  Have you reviewed the Undergraduate Program Calendar, Enrolment and Registration Guide and familiarized yourself with the financial information pertaining to your course enrolment?
  • Have you made a list of any questions you may have for your Advisor?
  • If you have answered no to anyone of the questions listed above, please review Steps 2, 3 and 4.

Take a few moments to think of any additional concerns you may have about attending university for the first time.  Are you applying to residence?  Are you applying for a student loan or scholarship?  Will you need to work during the school year?  Have you thought about what would you like to do after you graduate?

Additional things you may do before your enrolment appointment:

  • Take a campus tour
  • Visit Red Zone
  • Activate your Email Account, FAS Account, etc.
  • Get your YU Card
  • Complete your Student Financial Profile

If you have a diagnosed disability, familiarize yourself with the support services on campus. York University’s Counselling & Disability Services (CDS) provides a professional and supportive environment in which all York students have equitable access to a range of services that assist in facilitating their academic success.