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After Your Enrolment Appointment

Pay your Registration Deposit

Please read step 5 of the Enrolment and Registration Guide.

Your deposit is part of the tuition fee: it is not an additional fee over and above course fees. The deposit confirms your registration at York University and unlocks services you will need to prepare for the start of classes and continue through your courses.

A deposit of $300 and must be paid by the 15th of the month following the date you began enrolling in courses. For example, if you begin enrolling in courses in June, then your deposit is due on July 15. If you begin enrolling in courses any time prior to June 1, then your deposit is due no later than June 15.

Please note that payment deadlines for the summer sessions vary slightly.

If you enrol for fall or full-year courses:You must pay your deposit no later than:
before June 1*June 15
June 1 – June 30July 15
July 1 – July 31August 15
August 1 or later10 days after you enrol in your first course
If you enrol for winter term courses:You must pay your deposit no later than:
September 1 – September 30October 15
October 1 – October 31November 15
December 1 or later10 days after you enrol in your first course
If you enrol for summer term courses:You must pay your deposit no later than:
March 1 – March 31April 10
April 1 – April 30May 10
May 1 or later10 days after you enrol in your first course

*Only new students can enrol in courses prior to June 1. 

How To Pay

Payment must be made through telephone or online banking. Go to the Paying Your Student Account page for more information about electronic payments.  A deposit is required once per session in which you have enrolled in courses (that is, once for summer courses and once for fall /full-year/winter courses.)

If you want to drop one or more of your courses, you must officially drop the course(s) using the online Registration and Enrolment Module; otherwise, you may lose all or part of the tuition you paid for it, as per the Refund Table. Simply not attending classes does not release you from the financial or academic obligation for courses in which you have previously enrolled.

If you miss your deposit payment deadline, you will not be permitted to enrol in additional courses through the Registration and Enrolment Module.  When you make late payments, your enrolment access cannot be opened until the day after the payment is received; please plan accordingly. To get more information, check your Student Account Online Statement.

Online Enrolment Verification Letters

Students regularly require verification of enrolment at York University for a variety of purposes.  Students can access these letters through the Online Services page. 

RESP – Verification of Enrolment and Registration

Students may download a Verification of Enrolment and Registration Letter for submission to their RESP provider with the RESP forms if they are required. This form may also be used for other purposes if confirmation of total credits completed and in progress is required.