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Yes. We accept approximately 20 new graduate students per year.  We are always on the lookout for promising new graduate students.  Our application deadline is usually sometime in February for admission in the Fall session (September) of each year.  

Students ideally have a 4-year honours degree in Chemistry with a minimum “B” average (preferably B+ or higher) during their last 2 years.   

Yes.  Occasionally students with other major/minor or specialized degrees will be allowed into the Chemistry program.  However, your previous degree must have a major Chemistry component that will be judged by the Graduate Program Director and your potential supervisor.  If insufficient, you may be asked to take a few courses in Chemistry before acceptance. Education in other sciences (physics, biology, biochemistry, atmospheric/environmental science) is highly desirable though for some fields of research.  Ask your potential supervisor. 

No. It is recommended you apply to the MSc program even if you intend on pursuing a PhD in the future. This will maximize your funding opportunities from NSERC. Based upon your performance in the first 1 or 2 years, it may be possible for good students to transfer to the PhD program without first completing a master’s degree.   

Yes. You cannot be accepted into the program without having a research supervisor. Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members directly before proceeding with the online application process. Finding a match between your interests and a professor’s research interests is paramount to your success and acceptance into the program. 

No. An informal offer from a faculty member does not constitute an official offer from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York U, but it is an excellent first step.  Please proceed to submit a full application on-line if this is the case.   

Yes. International students can pursue graduate studies at York U. However, there are guidelines in place as to the number of fully funded international students that we can accept into the program, and the acceptances are competitive. So, ensure that have been in touch with one or more professors who are willing to supervise your research and that your application is received by the deadline. 

Perhaps. If you are an international student, your application will likely not be considered after the deadline due to the limited number of positions.  Domestic students may still apply after the application deadline; however, you will not be eligible for some internal awards and again, you should ensure you have been in touch with professors who are currently accepting students into their group.  To avoid disappointment, please apply by the application deadline. 

No. Unfortunately this fee is not refundable, which is why we highly recommend that applicants get in touch with a potential supervisor in advance, before you formally apply to the program.  

Yes. Occasionally we accept students to start at other times than September (Jan or May for example) due to extenuating circumstances.  This would only be on the recommendation of a professor who has agreed to supervise you. 

Yes. All full-time students accepted into the graduate program will be guaranteed a minimum funding package, which is comprised of a Teaching Assistantship, York Graduate Fellowship, and Research Assistantship. Students may also apply for internal awards and external scholarships during their time here to supplement their basic stipend.  

A research-based MSc degree typically takes 2 years to complete, while a PhD degree will take a total 4-5 years. If you transfer from the MSc to the PhD program, the average time for degree completion is 4-5 years.