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MSc Degree in Chemistry


A four-year B.Sc. degree in chemistry or equivalent with a minimum of B average.


M.Sc. Degree by Research Thesis (Full-Time)

  1. All entering students plan a research program with their supervisor at the start of their degree studies. Progress in research is monitored by the Supervisory Committee through annual enrollment in the Research Evaluation Course (Chemistry 7000 3.0). This requires an annual progress report, consisting of a written paper, a public oral presentation, and an oral examination, usually in May each year. Satisfactory progress in research results in credit for Chemistry 7000 3.0 up to a maximum of 6 credits, and a statement of the student’s progress in the student’s record. In the event of failure to achieve satisfactory progress, the student is normally required to withdraw from the program.​
  2. In addition to the Research Evaluation course, each student must complete a minimum of one full course (6 credits) from those offered by the Graduate Program in Chemistry. These courses should be chosen in consultation with the student’s supervisor.
  3. ​Candidates must conduct a research study and report the results in appropriate thesis form. The research and thesis should demonstrate the candidate’s independence, originality, and understanding of the area of investigation at an advanced level. After the formal submission of the thesis, an oral examination, normally centred on the thesis and matters related to it, is held.​

M.Sc. Degree by Coursework (Part-time)

Candidates for the MSc degree by coursework must either:​

  1. Successfully complete three full courses (18 credits) chosen from those offered by the Graduate Program in Chemistry, conduct a full-course literature survey (CHEM 6000 6.0) and write a review essay, which is submitted to an Examination Committee for approval; or​
  2. Successfully complete three full and one-half courses (21 credits) chosen from those offered by the Graduate Program in Chemistry, conduct a half course literature survey (CHEM 6000 3.0) and write a review essay, which is submitted to an Examination Committee for approval; or​
  3. Successfully complete four full courses (24 credits), chosen from those offered by the Graduate Program in Chemistry