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Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards

What are the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards?

The Dean’s Undergraduate Student Research Awards (DURA) were created to provide more opportunities for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science to gain hands-on research experience. They provide 16-week positions (paid, full-time) for students to work in a York University research lab over the summer.

Why are DURAs important?

DURAs provide research lab experiences that

  • give students exposure to what frontline research really involves;
  • help students learn new skills and make more informed choices about their career paths;
  • boost our professors’ research productivity and impact; and
  • enhance the research culture within the Faculty.

How can you support DURAs?

There is a significant unmet demand for undergraduate summer research positions.

Given that there are more highly qualified students each year than the Faculty is able to support, we are asking friends of the Faculty to assist us in funding as many positions as possible. The cost for each student is $6,000, which is then matched with $2,400 pledged by the research supervisor, to fund each student at $8,400.

Donors or groups of donors can invest in one or more DURA, or make a donation in any amount to support a portion of one DURA.

To learn more about investing in these awards, please contact Maksym Stolyarevskyy, Associate Director Advancement at

To support DURA internships now, please visit