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Fall 2021 Course Delivery

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the university will be offering a full selection of academic programming using online/remote learning and in-person instruction in the Fall 2021 semester.

The table below provides more details about the nature of the Faculty of Science courses being offered this Fall 2021 semester, to find a specific course that you have enrolled in you can press the ALT + F (Command + F on a Mac) keys on your computer and type in the course code for the specific course you are looking for.

Please note this list is not the complete list of science courses offered; it is only courses we have information for as reported by the Course Director. The full list of available courses is available on the Course Timetable site. This list will be updated as more course information is received. The university has prepared a list of frequently asked questions about the Fall 2021 semester that you can find here.


“Synchronous” means that the courses will have real-time lectures or components. Students will be expected to be available during the currently allotted course time. More exact details will be made available at the beginning of each course by your course instructor.

“Asynchronous” means that the course does not have any real-time (synchronous) components. For asynchronous courses, the professor may upload a recorded lecture every week for you to watch.

“ONLN” is a special University term to indicate a course that was specifically designed to be delivered online as an asynchronous course. All the material is available online, and you progress at your own pace.

“Remote” courses might be listed in the course timetable as “LECT”, although there won’t be a location/building, but there will be a time and duration. This indicates that a class will meet at this time using Zoom or some other communication platform, depending on the instructor. Just like a regular class, but remote. The course may have both asynchronous and synchronous components, meaning some material will be posted ahead of time, and other material will be delivered during the remote class.

"BLEN" is a term to indicate the learning type is blended learning. Also referred to as “synchronous” or “remote” courses, these courses will have some scheduled meeting times.

Course CodeCourse NameLecture DeliveryWill lectures be asynchronous, synchronous, or both?Will synchronous lectures be recorded?Are there tutorials? Asynchronous or synchronous tutorials? Will there be labs? Are they in-person, on campus labs?Will the labs be asynchronous or synchronous?
BIOL 1000Biology I - Cells, Molecular Biology and GeneticsRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesNoAsynchronous
BIOL 1500 3.0Introduction to BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 2020 A 3.0BiochemistryRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
BIOL 2020 B 3.0BiochemistryIn-personNoNo
BIOL 2050 3.0EcologyRemoteSome of both. Attendance of synchronous, interactive sessions is highly recommended. Asynchronous alternatives are provided for occasional missed sessions, but the course is not meant to be taken completely asynchronously.YesNoYesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous.
BIOL 2071Techniques and Methods in Cell and Molecular BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 2900Clinical Microbiology for NursesRemoteAsynchronousNoNo
BIOL 3051 3.0Macromolecules of Biochemical InterestRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 3060 4.0Animal Physiology IRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesBoth - a hybrid of some online labs, and some in person labsA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
BIOL 3120 3.0ImmunobiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 3140 4.0Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics LaboratoryRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesYes
BIOL 3250 4.0Experimental DesignRemoteSynchronousNoNoYesNoAsynchronous
BIOL 4010Biology of CancerIn-personNoNo
BIOL 4030 3.0GenomicsIn-personNoNo
BIOL 4120 4.0Applied ImmunologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 4141 3.0Current Topics and Methods in Cell BiologyIn-personNoNo
BIOL 4245 3.0Conservation BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesYesSynchronous
(not recorded)
BIOL 4265Biology for Environmental ManagementONLNAsynchronousNoNo
BIOL 4290 4.0BiotechnologyIn-personNoYesYes
BIOL 5027Topics in Molecular Biology I: Gene ExpressionRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
BIOL 5081BiostatisticsRemoteSome of bothNoNoNo
BIOL 5100 1.5Critical Skills in Animal PhysiologyRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
BCHM 3051 3.0 Macromolecules of Biochemical InterestRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM 1000 3.0 AChemical StructureRemoteAsynchronousYesAsynchronous YesNoAsynchronous
CHEM 2030 3.0Basic Inorganic ChemistryRemoteAsynchronousYesAsynchronousNo
CHEM 3000 3.0Experimental Chemistry IIn-personYesSynchronous
CHEM 3011 3.0Physical ChemistryRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM 3020 A 3.0Intermediate Organic Chemistry IIn-personYesSynchronous
CHEM 3030 3.0Transition Metal ChemistryIn-personYesAsynchronousNo
CHEM 3051 3.0Macromolecules of Biochemical InterestRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM 3060 3.0Atmospheric ChemistryIn-personNoNo
CHEM 4024Structure Elucidation of Organic and Organometallic CompoundsIn-personNoNo
CHEM 5024Structure ElucidationIn-personNoNo
MATH 1021 3.0Linear Algebra IRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1019 B 3.0Discrete Math for Computer ScienceRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
MATH 1190 A 3.0Introduction to Sets and LogicRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
MATH 1190 B 3.0Introduction to Sets and LogicRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
MATH 1200 3.00Problems, Conjectures and ProofsBLENSome of bothYesYesSynchronous
MATH 1300Differential and Integral Calculus with ApplicationsRemoteSome of bothYesYesAsynchronousNo
MATH 1506 3.0 Mathematics for the Life SciencesRemoteSynchronousYesAsynchronousNo
MATH 1520 3.0Introduction to Calculus, with VectorsRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
(not recorded)
MATH 1581Business Mathematics IONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2041 3.0Symbolic Computation Laboratory IRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2280The Mathematical Theory of InterestONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2930 3.0Introductory Probability and StatisticsRemoteSynchronousYesNoYesNoSynchronous
(not recorded)
MATH 3131 F 3.0Mathematical Statistics IRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3241 3.0Numerical Methods IRemote Synchronous NoNoNo
MATH 4130 3.0Topics in Probability and Statistics: Introduction to the Theory and Methods of Time Series AnalysisRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
MATH 4141 3.0Advanced Numerical MethodsRemote Synchronous NoNoNo
MATH 4160 3.0CombinatoricsIn-personNoNo
MATH 4330 3.0Applied Categorical Data AnalysisBLENSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
MATH 4400 6.0History of MathematicsRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 6115 3.0Algebraic Number TheoryRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 6280 3.0Measure TheoryIn-personNoNo
NATS 1550 3.0The Science of Animal MigrationRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
NATS 1565 3.0Plant Life, Human LifeRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
NATS 1570 AY 3.0Exploring the Solar SystemONLNAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1585Exploring the UniverseRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
NATS 1610 6.0The Living BodyRemoteAsynchronousNoNo
NATS 1675 A 6.0  Human DevelopmentRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1675 B 6.0Human Development Remote Asynchronous  NoNo
NATS 1700 6.0 Y BComputers, Information and SocietyONLNAsynchronousNoNo
NATS 1720Light and SoundRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
NATS 1740AstronomyRemoteSynchronousYesNo No
NATS 1750 BThe Earth and It's AtmosphereONLNAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1760 6.0Science, Technology and SocietyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
NATS 1765 6.0Science, Experts, and CitizensRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
NATS 1840 6.0Science Technology and the EnvironmentRemoteSynchronous YesNoYesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
(synchronous parts will be recorded)
NATS 1850 6.0Science and PseudoscienceRemote Some of bothYesNoNo
NATS 1880 AY 6.0Life Beyond EarthONLNAsynchronousNoNo
BPHYS 2090 3.0Current Topics in BiophysicsRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
PHYS 1510 4.0Introduction to PhysicsRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
(not recorded)
YesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
(synchronous parts will not be recorded)
PHYS 1800 3.0Engineering MechanicsRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
(not recorded)
YesBoth - a hybrid of some online labs, and some in person labsA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
PHYS 2020 3.0Electricity and MagnetismRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronous
PHYS 3030 3.0Statistical and Thermal PhysicsRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 4010 3.0Quantum MechanicsRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 4030 3.0Advanced Computational Methods for Scientists and EngineersBLENSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 5230 3.0General Relativity and CosmologyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 5290 3.0Extragalactic AstronomyIn-personNoNo
STS 2210 3.0 W MTechnology in the Modern WorldONLNAsynchronousNoNo
STS 2411 3.0Introduction to Science and Technology StudiesRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
STS 3730 3.0 F AScience, Technology and Modern WarfareONLNAsynchronousNoNo
STS 3790 3.0Science and Technology Issues in Global DevelopmentIn-personNoNo
BC 3010 3.0Advanced Peer LeadershipRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo

Last updated on: August 11th, 2021