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Includes: Climatology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Biogeography, Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing

York is home to one of the largest undergraduate Geography programs in North America. The Science degree emphasizes physical geography, which examines the physical, chemical and biological processes that occur in the immediate vicinity of the Earth’s surface. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding why and how these processes change in time and place. Field work is emphasized through outdoor laboratory sessions, field trips and periodic field courses in Southern Ontario as well as to remote and exotic regions.

Your BSc studies in Geography at York will help you develop a knowledge of Physical Geography, preparing you for professional careers in crucial areas like environmental assessment and analysis, natural resource management, land use development, or land use planning, and for graduate study in the earth and environmental sciences.

Typical First-Year Courses

  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Calculus
  • Computer Use
  • One of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
  • General Education course

12U Requirements

  • English
  • Chemistry OR Physics
  • One 12U Math course (Advanced Functions recommended)

Career Options

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Terrain Capability Studies
  • Resource Management and Conservation
  • Integrated Ecological Planning
  • Government – transportation, economics, atmospherical/water resources, environmental assessment
  • Education – elementary, high school, college, university
  • Geography – real estate, engineering firms, environmental groups, airlines, railways
  • Postgraduate Studies/Academic Career
  • Professional Schools – Law, Business, etc