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Alumni Marc Cassagnol

Marc Cassagnol (MA Mathematics, Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering)

Marc Cassagnol is a Product Specialist with IBM Risk Analytics, an organization which develops enterprise risk management solutions. His interests include data modeling, derivative pricing, programming, statistical analysis and operational risk.

Marc says: "I chose to do my graduate studies at York University in the department of Mathematics and Statistics so that I could simultaneously gain theoretical and practical knowledge, through the Mathematics degree and Financial Engineering diploma, respectively. This program gave me the skills needed to succeed in the Financial Risk Management discipline."

Alumni Heather Krause

Heather Krause (MA Statistics)

Heather Krause is the founder of Datassist, a global statistical consulting firm that specializes in working on complex research problems for non-profit and NGO organizations. She has a strong love of finding data, analyzing it in creative ways and using cutting edge visualization methods to visualize the results. Her emphasis is on combining strong statistical analysis with clear and meaningful communication. Heather’s passion is to help people in not-for-profit organizations discover that research and evaluation is exciting and manageable. They begin fearful and end up empowered and confident as they realize the power of outcome-focused research anchored in strong statistical and methodological approaches. Heather’s work includes the World Bank, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CARE, USAid, and the Status of Women in Canada.

Heather says: "I chose to do my graduate work in the York Department of Mathematics and Statistics because of the opportunity to combine deep theoretical learning with hands-on real world experiences. York provided an environment in which I had the opportunity to work with professors and fellow students on valuable interdisciplinary projects. My time at York gave me a solid foundation in statistics that I am using today to conduct research around the world."