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PhD Program

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a full-time program at the PhD level allowing students to focus on numerous subfields of mathematics and statistics: please see additional information on our faculty members' research interests.

To complete our PhD program, students must meet the following requirements

    1. Course requirement: 8 half courses (24 credits) in their field of specialization; previous graduate courses (from a Master's degree) can be used for up to 12 credits.
    2. Comprehensive examinations: Students will declare a specialization in one of
      (a) applied mathematics
      (b) pure mathematics
      (c) statistics
      and write comprehensive examinations in subjects appropriate to their chosen specialization. Students choosing the statistics specialization are also required to complete a statistical consulting requirement.
    3. Specialization requirement:  students much complete a short oral examination designed to ensure that the student has sufficient command of the material to allow them to pursue original research in their chosen subject area.
    4. Doctoral Thesis:  students will be required to complete and successfully defend a thesis constituting a significant contribution to their chosen field of the study.

The PhD should be completed in about four years, see here for a typical timeline of completion. Complete details of program requirements and course listings are available in the Graduate Mini-Calendar.

Additional information: