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Recent PhDs

First Name Last Name Thesis Title Year Supervisor
Shanhan Qin Statistical Methods for Complex and/or High Dimensional Data 2020 Amy Wu
Bin Sun Statistical Modelling for Complex Data 2019 Amy Wu
Allysa Lumley A Study Of L-Functions: At The Edge Of The Critical Strip And Within 2019 Youness Lamzouri
Yisub Kye Economic Capital Analysis with Portfolios of Dependent and Heavy-Tailed Risks 2019 Edward Furman
Sawitree Boonpatcharanon Semiparametric Multivariate Density Estimation Using Copulas and Shape-Constraints 2019 Hanna Jankowski
Qunxing Xue A High Order Method For Analyzing The Electromagnetic Response Of An Array Of Thin Wires 2019 Seyed Moghadas
Affan Shoukat Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Using Agent-Based Modelling: A General Framework With Case Studies 2019 Seyed Moghadas
Hangjing Wang Adjusted Empirical Likelihood Method And Parametric Higher Order Asymptotic Method With Applications To Finance 2019 Augustine Wong/Cindy Fu
Damjan Kalajdzievski Some Independence Results For Amenable Group Actions, Universal Graphs, And Construction Schemes 2019 Juris Steprans
Dongwei Wei Some Aspects Of Change Point Analysis 2018 Yuehua Wu
Yiyuan Wang Transmission Dynamics Of Mosquito-Borne Diseased:Modeling, Analysis, Prediction And Control 2018 Huaiping Zhu
Shicheng Wu High Dimensional Generalized Estimating Equation Estimation Consistency And Model Selection Consistency 2018 Xin Gao
Xuan Li Statistical Inference For High-Dimensional Genetic Data 2018 Cindy Fu, Steven Wang
Yong Yang Dynamical Analysis, Data Fitting And Optimization In Disease Models And Online Advertising Systems 2018 Jianhong Wu
Shu Xiao Li Theta Maps For Combinatorial Hopf Algebras 2018 Nantel Bergeron
Eric Ens Block Systems Of Ranks 3 And 4 Toroidal Hypertopes 2018 Asia Weiss
Yanhua Tian Maximum Likelihood Estimation Of Discrete Log-Concave Distribution With Applications 2018 Hanna Jankowski
Yufeng Lin Some Aspects Of Statistical Analysis Of Financial Time Series Data 2018 Yuehua Wu/Steven Wang
Don Yu The Effect Of Temperature On West Nile Virus Transmission Dynamics 2018 Huaiping Zhu/Neal Madras
Fenghao Yang On Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits And First-To-Default Type Problems 2017 Alexey Kuznetsov/Thomas Salisbury
Hao Bai Mixed Response Model in Credit Risk Modelling 2017 Xin Gao
Longbin Chen Mathematical And Statistical Models Of Culex Mosquito Abundance And Transmission Dynamics Of West Nile Virus With Weather Impact 2017 Huaiping Zhu
Mahdis Azadbakhsh Composite Likelihood: Multiple Comparisons And Non-Standard Conditions In Hypothesis Testing 2017 Xin Gao/Hanna Jankowski
Yaser Eftekhari Geometry Of Point-Hyperplane And Spherical Frameworks 2017 Walter Whiteley
Silva Konini Scale-Free Networks In Molecular Biology: Algorithms And Random Walks Analyses 2017 E.J. Janse van Rensburg
Farid Aliniaeifard Normal Supercharacter Theories 2017 Nantel Bergeron
Alessandro Vignati Logic And C*-Algebras: Set Theoretical Dichotomies In The Theory Of Continuous Quotients 2017 Ilijas Farah
Xiaoying Sun Some Aspects On Data Modelling 2017 Yuehua Wu
Nanwei Wang Discrete Hierarchical Log-Linear Models 2016 Helene Massam
Yurong Cao Statistical Modelling Of Mosquito Abundance And West Nile Virus Risk With Weather Conditions 2016 Huaiping Zhu/Xin Gao
Qiong Li Bayesian Estimation Of Graphical Gaussian Models With Edges And Vertices Symmetries 2016 Xin Gao/Helene Massam
Pavan Aroda Essays In Quantitative Risk Management For Financial Regulation Of Loss Models 2016 Huaxiong Huang
Hai Zhang Option Pricing In Non-Competitive Markets 2016 Hyejin Ku
Yousef Akhavan Power Optimization of Wind Turbines Subject to Navier-Stokes Equations 2016 Michael Chen/Dong Liang
Xiaoxi Duan Complex Powers of a Fourth-Order Operator: Heat Kernels, Green Functions and L^p-L^p' Estimates 2016 Man Wah Wong
Francisco Kibedi Maximal Saturated Linear Orders 2016 Juris Steprans
Song Shi Imaginary Whittaker Modules for Extended Affine Lie Algebras 2016 Yun Gao
Jianxi Su Multiple Risk Factors Dependence Structures with Applications to Actuarial Risk Management 2016 Edward Furman
Angjelina Konini Dynamics of Naturally Acquired Antibody Against Haemophilus Influenzae Serotype "A" and the Impact of Vaccination 2016 Seyed Moghadas
Mirela Cara Optimal Retirement Investment Strategies under Health Shocks and Jump Diffusion Processes 2015 Huaxiong Huang
David Fernandez Strongly Summable Ultrafilters: Some Properties and Generalizations 2015 Juris Steprans
Saeed Ghasemi Rigidity of Corona Algebras 2015 Ilijas Farah
Daniel Hackmann Analytical Methods for Levy Processes with Applications to Finance 2015 Alexey Kuznetsov
Haohan Huang Theoretical and Computational Analysis of Credit and Liquidity Risks with Multiple Defaults 2015 Huaxiong Huang/Hongmei Zhu
Martino Lupini Operator Algebras and Abstract Classification 2015 Ilijas Farah
Varvara Nika Machine Learning and its Application in Automatic Change Detection in Medical Images 2015 Paul Babyn/Hongmei Zhu
Min Xu Some Aspects of Statistical Volatility Analysis 2015 Yuehua Wu
Yawen Xu Combining Test Statistics and Information Criteria for High Dimensional Data Integration 2015 Xin Gao/Steven Wang
Ahmed Abdelrazec Modeling, Dynamics and Optimal Control of West Nile Virus with Seasonality 2014 Huaiping Zhu
Oliver Jovanovski Convergence Rate Analysis of Markov Chains 2014 Neal Madras
Nemanja Kosovalic Algebraic-Delay Differential Systems: Co-Extendable Banach Manifolds and Linearization 2014 Jianhong Wu/Yuming Chen
Jiawei Li Finite Pseudo-Differential Operators, Localization Operators for Curvelet and Ridgelet Transforms 2014 Man Wah Wong
Chunhua Shan Theory and Applications of High Codimension Bifurcations 2014 Huaiping Zhu
Yegor Sorokin Pricing and Hedging Options in Discrete Time with Liquidity Risk 2014 Hyejin Ku
Jinlian Wang The Impact of Stochastic Interest and Mortality Rates on Ruin Probability and Annuitization Decisions Faced by Retirees 2014 Huaxiong Huang
Xiao Yu Efficient Numerical Methods for Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations of Flow over Topography and Application 2014 Dong Liang
Qiang Yuan High Order Energy-Conserved Splitting FDTD Methods For Maxwell's Equations 2014 Dong Liang
Xiaofeng Zhou Statistical Modeling to Information Retrieval for Searching from Big Text Data and Higher Order Inference for Reliability 2014 Augustine Wong
Carolina Benedetti Combinatorial Hopf Algebras of supercharacters of Lie type D 2013 Nantel Bergeron
Maureen Shannon Collinson Modelling the effect of mass media on influenza transmission and vaccine uptake 2013 Jane Heffernan
Rory Lucyshyn-Wright Riesz-Schwartz extensive quantities and vector-valued integration in closed categories 2013 Walter Tholen
Natasha May Some Base and Covering Properties of Topological Spaces 2013 Paul Szeptycki
Babak Pourziaei Mathematical Models of Depth Perception in Weakly Electric Fish 2013 Huaxiong Huang
Yongxiu She Comparing Higher Order Likelihood Inference for Location-Scale Model 2013 Augustine Wong
Serdar Sozubek A Topological Theory of (T,V)-categories 2013 Walter Tholen
Xiaotian Wu Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Tick Population Dynamics and Tick-Borne Disease Spread 2013 Jianhong Wu
Dongdong He Interfacial Flows on Microfluidic Devices: Modeling and Computations 2012 Huaxiong Huang
Martin Merener Mathematical Results on Database Privacy 2012 Steven Watson
Yuanyi Pan Performance Measures of Rare Events Targeting 2012 Jianhong Wu
Yun Qiao Pricing and Hedging Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits 2012 Thomas Salisbury
Yehuda Schwartz Some Results in Computability and the Proof Theory of Predicate Modal Logic 2012 George Tourlakis
Xiaoping Shi Some Problems in Change Point Analysis 2012 Yuehua Wu
Adnan Sljoka Algorithms in rigidity theory with applications to protein flexibility and mechanical linkages 2012 Walter Whiteley
Fang Chang Third Order Likelihood Inference on Stationary Time Series Analysis 2011 Steven Wang/Augustine Wong
Zhi Chen Basis for Diagonally Alternating Harmonic Polynomials of Low Degree 2011 Nantel Bergeron
Cheng Liu A New Adaptive Multi-resolution Time-frequency Representation with Applications in Studying Brain Functions 2011 Hongmei Zhu
Tianshu Ma Applications of Wishart Family on Bayesian Inference 2011 Helene Massam
Shahla Molahajloo Heat Semigroups of Hermite Operators and Twisted Laplacians 2011 Man Wah Wong
Elissa Ross Geometric and Combinatorial Rigidity of Periodic Frameworks as Graphs on the Torus 2011 Walter Whiteley
Hsiao-Hsuan Wang Empirical Likelihood Method and its Applications 2011 Yuejiao Fu/Steven Wang
Han Qiuzi Wen A Hybrid-domain Approach on Modeling Nonstationary Time Series with Multiple Time-varying Deterministic Components 2011 Augustine Wong
Yan Yan Wu Third-Order Likelihood Inference in Graphical Model and Mixed Model 2011 Augustine Wong
Qingling Zeng Febrile Respiratory Illnesses in Health Care Setting: Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, Prediction and Control 2011 Huaiping Zhu
Marija Zivkovic Gojovic Structured Pertussis Models: Transmission Dynamics, Vaccination and Resurgence 2011 Dong Liang/Jianhong Wu