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Guidelines, Policies, and Forms

Graduate Student Handbook

Here is the latest Handbook for the Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy

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Research Evaluations

Annually, each graduate student engaged in research is required to present a written and oral report to their supervisory committee, at which time progress is evaluated and guidance for moving forward is provided. Research evaluation procedures are described here. The Research Evaluation Form, which conveys the outcome of the evaluation, can be found here.

Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Thesis M.Sc. students as well as Ph.D. students must formulate a proposal describing their research plans. Guidelines for writing such proposals are provided here.


Graduate students are able to petition for changes in status. Procedures are described here.

Important Dates

Important dates relevant to graduate studies are detailed here.

Additional Resources

Academic Integrity

Researchers must follow a set of conventions to ensure that their work is credible, trusted, and respected. This is referred to as "academic integrity". Training on academic integrity is provided here.

Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)

At York University, there is a body that is entirely dedicated to overseeing graduate education and postdoctoral research. It is called the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). A wealth of information about its mandate and the support it provides is given on the FGS website. Pay particular attention to the Graduate Calendar, which conveys admission and degree requirements.

York University Graduate Students' Association (YUGSA)

The York University Graduate Students' Association (YUGSA, or GSA for short), which is Local 84 of the Canadian Federation of Students, provides advocacy and support for graduate students. All graduate students at York University are members. More information about YUGSA and its role in graduate affairs is provided here.

Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903 (CUPE 3903)

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903 (CUPE 3903) is the largest trade union on the York University Campus. Representing teaching assistants, graduate assistants, research assistants, and contract faculty, it works to improve funding and working conditions for its membership. More information about CUPE 3903 can be found here.