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Winter 2021 Course Information

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the university decided to offer a full selection of academic programming using primarily online/remote learning, with select in-person instruction in the Winter 2021 semester. The table below provides more details about the nature of the Faculty of Science courses being offered this Winter 2021 semester, to find a specific course that you have enrolled in you can press the ALT + F (Command + F on a Mac) keys on your computer and type in the course code for the specific course you are looking for. Please note this list is not the complete list of science courses offered; it is only courses we have information for as reported by the Course Director. The full list of available courses is available on the Course Timetable site. This list will be updated as more course information is received. We have also prepared a list of frequently asked questions about the Winter 2021 semester that you can find here.

“Synchronous” means that the courses will have real-time lectures or components. Students will be expected to be available during the currently allotted course time. More exact details will be made available at the beginning of each course by your course instructor.

“Asynchronous” means that the course does not have any real-time (synchronous) components. For asynchronous courses, the professor may upload a recorded lecture every week for you to watch.

“ONLN” is a special University term to indicate a course that was specifically designed to be delivered online as an asynchronous course. All the material is available online, and you progress at your own pace.

“Remote” courses might be listed in the course timetable as “LECT”, although there won’t be a location/building, but there will be a time and duration. This indicates that a class will meet at this time using Zoom or some other communication platform, depending on the instructor. Just like a regular class, but remote. The course may have both asynchronous and synchronous components, meaning some material will be posted ahead of time, and other material will be delivered during the remote class.

Course CodeCourse NameDelivery (Remote or ONLIN)Will lectures be asynchronous, synchronous, or both?Will synchronous lectures be recorded?Are there tutorials? Asynchronous or synchronous tutorials? Will there be labs? Are they in-person, on campus labs?Will the labs be asynchronous or synchronous?
BIOL 2010Plant BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesNoAsychronous
BIOL 2020 3.0BiochemistryRemoteAsynchronous YesSynchronousNo
BIOL 2021 3.0 SECT MCell BiologyRemote SynchronousYesNoNo
BIOL 2071 3.0Techniques and Methods in Cell and Molecular BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 3070 4.0Animal Physiology IIRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesBoth - a hybrid of some online labs, and some in person labsA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
BIOL 3130NMolecular Biology II: Regulation of Gene ExpressionRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 3140 3.0Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics LaboratoryRemoteAsynchronous NoYesYes
BIOL 3150 4.0MicrobiologyRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesYes
BIOL 3350 3.0Comparative Chordate AnatomyRemoteSynchronousYesNoYesNoSynchronous (recorded)
BIOL 4010 3.0Biology of CancerRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
BIOL 4061 3.0Cell and Molecular Biology of DevelopmentRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 4141 3.0Current Topics and Methods in Cell BiologyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
BIOL 4250 3.0Birds and the EnvironmentRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
BIOL 4310 3.0Physiology of Circadian TimekeepingRemote Some of bothNoNoNo
BIOL 4360 3.0ParasitologyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
BIOL 4700 3.00Current Topics in Environmental BiologyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
BIOL 4710 3.0Integrative Environmental PhysyiologyRemoteBoth YesNoNo
BPHS  4090Biophysical Techniques RemoteSome of bothNoNoYesYes
CHEM 1100Chemistry and Materials Science for EngineersRemoteSome of bothYesYesSynchronousYesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
CHEM 1550REMOTESome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM 2011 3.00Introduction to ThermodynamicsRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
CHEM 2020 M 3.0Intermediate Organic Chemistry IremoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesYes
CHEM 2550Pharmacology for Health SciencesREMOTESome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM 4031Advanced Inorganic ChemistryRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
CHEM 4090 3.0Topics in Materials SciencesRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
CHEM2021 3.0Introductory Organic Chemistry IIRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesNoAsychronous
CHEM2050 4.0Introductory BiochemistryRemoteSynchronousYesNoYesYes
CHEM 3001 3.0Experimental Chemistry IIPart of the course will be online but the majority will be in-personYesAsynchronousYesBoth - a hybrid of some online labs, and some in person labsA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
CHEM3050 3.0Advanced BiochemistryRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
CHEM3080 4.0Instrumental Methods of Chemical AnalysisRemoteSome of bothYesNoYesYes
CHEM4050Bioanalytical ChemistryRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
ISCI 1302Integrated Science II (Physics) RemoteSynchronousYesNoYesYes
ISCI 1402 3.0Integrated Science II (Mathematics)RemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 1014 3.0Applied Calculus IIRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1014OApplied Calculus IIRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1014PApplied Calculus IIRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1019 N.0Discrete Math for Computer ScienceRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
MATH 1021 M 3.0Linear Algebra IRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 1025MApplied Linear AlgebraRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1131 3.00Introduction to Statistics IRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 1200 3.0, SECTION MProblems, Conjectures, and ProofsRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
MATH 1200 3.00Problems, Conjectures and ProofsRemoteSome of bothNoYesSynchronousNo
MATH 1310Integral Calculus with ApplicationsRemoteAsynchronous YesSynchronousNo
MATH 1520 M 3.0Introduction to Calculus, with VectorsRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 1532 3.00 Statistics for Business and SocietyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2015MApplied Multivariate and Vector CalculusRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2022 3.0Linear Algebra IIRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2131 3.0Introduction to Statistics IIRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 2200Extended Problems, Conjectures, and ProofsRemoteBothYesYesSynchronous (not recorded)No
MATH 2565 3.0Introduction to Applied StatisticsRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
MATH 2930Introductory Probability and StatisticsRemoteBothYesYesSynchronous (not recorded)YesNoSynchronous (not recorded)
MATH 3001 3.00MWReal Analysis IIRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3132Mathematical Statistics IIRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
MATH 3172 3.00Combinatorial OptimizationRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 3172 3.00Combinatorial OptimizationRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3242Numerical   Methods IIRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 3260 3.0Graph TheoryRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3282 3.00MWMathematical FinanceRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3410 3.0Complex VariablesONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3410 3.0Complex VariablesONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 3430 MW 3.0Sample Survey DesignRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 4100A 3.0Topics in Mathematics Education: Theory and PracticeRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
MATH 4130K 3.0Topics in Probability and Statistics: Survival AnalysisRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 4271 3.0Dynamical SystemsONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 4650Feedback Control SystemsRemoteSome of bothNoNoYesNoA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
MATH 4939Statistical Data Analysis Using SAS and RRemote SynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
MATH 6040 3.0Set TheoryRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 6340  3.0Differential EquationsONLNSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 6461Functional AnalysisRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
MATH 6621Advanced Theoretical StatisticsRemoteSynchronousNoNoNo
NATS 1500Statistical Reasoning in Modern SocietyRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
NATS 1515 3.0Atmospheric PollutionRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
NATS 1560 M 3.0Understanding FoodRemoteAsynchronous YesSynchronousNo
NATS 1570MExploring the Solar SystemRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1575Introduction to Forensic ScienceREMOTESome of bothYesNoNo
NATS 1675 6.0  SECTION MHuman DevelopmentRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1745MHistory of AstronomyRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1795MThe Nature of TimeRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS 1870MUnderstanding ColourRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
NATS1740MAstronomyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
PHYS 1070 M 3.0Fundamentals of AstronomyRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
PHYS 1801 3.0 , SECTION MElectricity, Magnetism and Optics for EngineersRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesNoSynchronous
PHYS 1801 3.0 SECTION NElectricity, Magnetism and Optics for EngineersRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesNoSynchronous
PHYS 2010 3.0Classical MechanicsRemoteSynchronousYesYesAsynchronousNo
PHYS 2030 3.0Computational Methods for Physicists and EngineersRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 2060 3.0Optics and SpectraRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
PHYS 3010 3.0Classical MechanicsRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 3220 3.0Experiments in Modern PhysicsremoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
PHYS 3220 3.0Experiments in Modern PhysicsRemoteSynchronousYesNoYesYes
PHYS 4040 3.0Elementary Particle PhysicsRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 4170 3.0Observational and Theoretical CosmologyRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 4210.03Advanced Experimental Physics IRemoteBothYesNoYesYes
PHYS 4211 3.0Advanced Experimental Physics IIRemoteBothYesNoYesYes
PHYS 5020 3.00 ElectromagnetismRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
PHYS 5140Particle Physics RemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousNo
PHYS1412Physical ScienceRemoteSynchronousYesYesSynchronousYesBoth - a hybrid of some online labs, and some in person labsA mix of both - for example synchronous for meeting with TA help, but the lab reports themselves will be asynchronous
STS 2210 NTechnology in the Modern WorldONLNAsynchronous NoNo
STS 2222 M 3.0Exploring Gender in Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathematicsRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
STS 3600Technological FailureRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo
STS 3740Life sciences in modern societyRemoteAsynchronous NoNo
STS 3775 M 3.0Physics in the Twentieth CenturyRemoteSome of bothYesNoNo
STS 3780Biomedical science in a social and historical contextRemoteSynchronousYesNoNo