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Managing Academic Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the work load, struggling  to get good grades, or looking for better ways to handle the daily grind?  Learn strategies for handling the anxieties and […]

Clubs Showcase w/ Dragon Boat

Student Engagement and Dragon Boat Team at York will be demonstrating what the sport of dragon boat is all about through experiences from their members, as well as sharing footage from their previous competitions. They will host trivia games and include a Q&A session!

Mastering Group Work

Group assignments are an inevitable part of every student’s experience. Like it or not, working collaboratively is a key skill not just for success at university, but also in the […]

Presentation Skills

Does the thought of presenting in front of a group make you nervous?  If so, you're not alone.  This workshop will provide you with the essential tools you need to […]

YU Got This! Academic Tips & Tools for End of Term

Looking for tips and strategies for: Managing your time to create an end of term study plan?Academic writing and research?Preparing for online exams? Then, this workshop is for you! Register […]

Critical Thinking

At university, learning involves much more than just memorizing facts and figures. This workshop will help you push beyond purely descriptive levels of thinking to deeper levels of understanding, analysis, […]

Reading & Note-taking

Many students find keeping up with the readings and lecture notes at university to be a real challenge. Learn more effective reading and note taking techniques to help you stay […]

Time Management

Where does the time go? Are you having trouble balancing school, work, and life? How much study time is enough? Learn practical, personalized approaches to managing your time that work […]

Math & Science Study Tips

Why are math-related, problem solving courses so challenging?  To cope with the unique learning demands of these courses, you need special strategies to achieve academic success. Attend this workshop to […]


Learn techniques to help you transfer all that course work information into your long term memory, along with the strategies you’ll need to retrieve the information when you most need […]

Exam Prep

Multiple choice, short answer, calculations, or essay style – which form is your personal nemesis? Whatever the format, midterms or finals, if you could use some help in preparing for […]