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Building Autonomy in Peer Groups

Have you ever ensured that there's a purpose in every task that you do, to motivate the team? Are you a leader that wants to reduce imposing too much control […]

Negotiation for Leaders

It is often said that leaders are good negotiators, but where do you begin to learn? This session will examine core frameworks and principles around negotiation and problem solving. By […]

Principles for Highly Effective Leadership

Interested in learning what makes an authentic, effective leader? This workshop will explore foundational leadership principles most commonly seen as vital to success. Learn strategies to enhance your leadership capacity […]

Strategic Thinking & Leadership

Are you in need of leadership inspiration, or collaborative thinking? Are you looking for opportunities to connect with your team? When leading a team, you must be open to the […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

A successful leader is attuned to the needs of their team. A caring leader is more effective than a dominant leader because they put the needs of others at the […]