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Support Services

Support Services

We are constantly updating and curating our programming and resources so that we are providing the latest and most up to date information and support.

Please feel free to explore below.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health - Programming and Resources

We use an inclusive sex-positive approach to educate students on a variety of sexual health related topics to help them make informed choices

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Sleep and Physical Well-being

Sleep & Physical Well-being - Programming and Resources

We educate students on how sleep impacts academics and offer creative body-based mindfulness strategies for physical well-being.

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Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drugs

Alcohol, Cannabis or Other Drugs - Programming and Resources

We use a harm-reduction model to educate students on the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol, cannabis and other substances. .

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Nutrition and Eating Better

Nutrition & Eating Better - Programming and Resources

We also offer tips and guidance on how to incorporate healthy eating into a student lifestyle and budget and educate on nutrition fundamentals.

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Mental Health and Crisis Support

Mental Health & Crisis Support - Programming and Resources

We destigmatizing approach to educate students on mental health. We cover a wide range of topics including depression and  anxiety, stress, mental illness, and burnout.

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