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Residence Life Assistant - Fall/Winter 2021-22

POSITION TITLE: Residence Life Assistant – Fall/ Winter 

UNIT & DEPARTMENT: Residence Life 



RATE OF PAY: $14.00/Hr + 4% Vacation Pay 

EMPLOYMENT TERM: Fall 2021 - Winter 2022 

HOURS OF WORK: Fall/Winter Term - 10 Hours  

As part of your work study experience, you will be asked to participate in Becoming YU [link to Becoming YU website] – a new program designed to support students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognize the value of your experiences, identify the leadership and career competencies you gain through these experiences and confidently articulate your skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity.  Throughout your work/study experience you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your coach to set goals and objectives, report and reflect on your progress and get valuable feedback. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: Residence Life Assistants (RLA) provide administrative support with respect to  several  Residence Life  projects. They assist with the development, planning, and implementation of Residence Life student staff training  and residence orientation.  

Under the direction of a permanent staff member the Residence Life Assistant may be responsible for some or all the following tasks 

  1. Assist with the development, planning, and implementation of the Residence Life programs. 
  1. Assist in finalizing the training outline, program content, training schedule, and implementation plan for all Residence Life Staff training. 
  1. Coordinate logistics for the training programs. 
  1. Supports the development of content and publications. 
  1. Participates in the delivery of the training programs. 
  1. Develop and distribute print and online materials that promote opportunities. 
  1. Liaise with campus partners to assist students with obtaining information about available programs and services. 
  1. Support student outreach initiatives. 
  1. Attend and participate in regular team meetings.   

Other duties as assigned. 


  • Ability to meet deadlines and organize time effectively. Ability to communicate clearly in written form. 
  • Ability to plan social activities, programs and events that contribute to an engaged community. 
  • Ability to communicate with others to explain and share information. 
  • Ability to collaborate and work with others to complete a shared goal. 
  • Ability to gather and organize a large amount of information. 

Other Position Details:   

  • Third year of undergraduate studies or above is an asset  
  • Program development experience an asset  
  • Experience living in residence is preferred  
  • Experience as a Residence Life staff is valuable  


Through this role,  the  Residence Life Assistant will have opportunities to develop and enhance specific skills in the following competencies:  

  1. Communication  
  2. Interpersonal Connections
  3. Personal Success  
  4. Social Responsibility and Community Engagement  
  5. Demonstrating Cultural Competence  
  6. Cultivating Community and Pride  
  7. Knowledge Acquisition and Application   
  8. Demonstrating Information or Communication Technology Proficiency  
  9. Reading, Understanding and Evaluating Information  
  10. Processing Information   
  11. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  

MANDATORY TRAINING DATES: Flexible Training dates in Summer 2021